List of Czech Republic-related topics

List of Czech Republic-related topics

"The list should also contain various important Czech topics that are not yet covered."

"The list is divided into categories, ordered alphabetically (initially inspired by List of United Kingdom-related topics). Make new categories, rename or update them. Place the entries that don't fit or deserve its own category into the 'Miscellaneous' at the bottom of the list."

The main page

* Czech Republic

Culture of the Czech Republic

* Music of the Czech Republic
* Cinema of the Czech Republic
** Czechoslovak new wave
* Literature of the Czech Republic
* National Theatre (Prague)
* Jára Cimrman
* Externism

Economy of the Czech Republic

* Czech koruna
* Communications in the Czech Republic


* List of universities in the Czech Republic


* rivers:
** Elbe, Vltava
* nature reserves:
* others
**"Campanula gelida"

Built environment


* Dumplings

Geography of the Czech Republic

* Bohemia
* Moravia
* Silesia (the Czech part)
* Regions of the Czech Republic
* List of cities in the Czech Republic
* List of reservoirs and dams in the Czech Republic
* List of lakes in the Czech Republic
* List of ponds in the Czech Republic

Geology of the Czech Republic

History of the Czech Republic

*List of rulers of Bohemia
* Medieval
** Czech lands, Great Moravia
* Modern Times
** Battle of Domstadtl
** 20th century and on
*** Czechoslovakia, History of Czechoslovakia, Occupation of Czechoslovakia, Sudetenland, Velvet revolution

Languages in the Czech Republic

* Czech language
** Czech alphabet, hacek

Law and Policing

Czech nationality law

Media, Newspapers, etc.

* List of Czech language television channels
** Czech TV
** TV Nova
* Radio 1

Military of the Czech Republic


* Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc
* Mausoleum of Yugoslavian Soldiers in Olomouc

People in the Czech Republic

* Demographics of the Czech Republic
* Czechs
* List of Czechs

Politics of the Czech Republic

* List of presidents of the Czech Republic
* List of Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic
* List of political parties in the Czech Republic
* Czech nationality law
* Foreign relations of the Czech Republic
** Visegrád group
* misc: Constitution of the Czech Republic, Kde domov můj (the anthem)
* Security Information Service, intelligence agency


* Baptist Union in the Czech Republic, Hussites, Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, Religion in Communist Czechoslovakia,

cience and Technology

7796 Járacimrman

30564 Olomouc

Transportation in the Czech Republic

* Czech Airlines, Prague Metro, Ruzyně International Airport, Tatra (car)


* Tourism in the Czech Republic

ee also

* Lists of country-related topics - topics related to other countries

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