Gary Dell'Abate

Gary Dell'Abate

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Gary Patrick Dell'Abate (born March 14 1961) is the producer of "The Howard Stern Show" and co-host of "The Wrap Up Show".


Early life

Dell'Abate was born in Uniondale, New York, on Long Island. He comes from a large Italian-American family, the youngest of 23 first cousins. His father, Sal, was an ice cream salesman. He attended Adelphi University where he interned at several college radio stations. While interning with Roz Frank, a traffic reporter on WNBC, he came into contact with Howard Stern.

Howard Stern Show

Dell'Abate has worked on "The Howard Stern Show" since September 4, 1984: originally on 66 WNBC, then syndicated at K-Rock in New York, and now Sirius Satellite Radio.

His nickname is Baba Booey (sometimes misspelled Ba Ba Booey or other variants) and is frequently used on Stern's show, as well as sometimes shouted by fans when they call into other radio or television shows (generally to the irritation of other hosts - see below). Dell'Abate earned the name when during the show he referred to the Quick Draw McGraw character BaBa Looey as BaBa Booey. Despite the seemingly relentless jokes, pranks and taunts at Dell'Abate's expense, Stern readily acknowledges Dell'Abate's intelligence, organizational abilities, excellent memory and strong work ethic. After being proven wrong on his IQ Score & failing to guess the answer to a riddle, which was "Machine", his nickname was changed to Mac hine. When asked what "M-A-C-H-I-N-E" spelled, he replied "Mac-hine". This nickname change did not last long as the longer running nickname of Baba Booey was much more popular, although rarely Mac hine is still used. Recently, Gary and on-air personality Artie Lange have engaged in multiple arguments over the Yankees - Mets baseball feud.


Gary is generally the most mocked person on the show. He is almost regularly made fun of for having large green teeth, big gums, big lips and bad breath. A related point of ridicule is the speech pattern in which he turns "s" into "f". Fans also mock Dell'Abate - one fan used to wear a gorilla mask to Gary's public appearances as well as make his own animation cells featuring Baba Booey. In particular, fellow Stern Show staff member Sal the Stockbroker has routinely mocked and tortured Gary with prank calls, various song parodies, and a large number of jokes. Gary is often forced to wear various masks while holding the microphone for Stern show female guests so his large lips and teeth and generally disturbing face do not distract the rest of the cast and viewers. Because Gary has become increasingly sensitive about his appearance, he now resists wearing the mask.

Gary is also often mocked for his yo-yo dieting. He has attributed his bouts with weight gain to his love of chocolate. He is also an on-again, off-again cigarette smoker. He is also often made fun of for enjoying buttholingus and Teen Anal pornography.cite news | first=Jason | last=Kaplan | coauthors= Thomas Panasci | title=The Rundown | date=2007-01-04 | publisher= | url = | work = | pages =1 | accessdate = 2007-01-04| language = ]

He had trouble speaking as a young boy. During the K-Rock days a fan (with the help of Jackie Martling) created a likeness of Gary, the "Gary Puppet", which was recently repaired re-stationed in the Howard Stern Show studio. It was formerly equipped with a mechanism to cause its comically over-sized mouth to move whenever Gary speaks to Howard through the studio intercom. Currently, Fred Norris typically does the voice of the Gary Puppet and any impressions of Gary. He was featured in the May 2007 issue of "Sound and Vision magazine" where his home theater was profiled. In this article, he revealed that his favorite album is Aja by Steely Dancite news | first=Rob | last=Medich | title= Installations: The Real King of All Media| date=2007-04-13 | publisher= | url =| work = | pages = 7| accessdate = 2007-04-13| language = ] , he was later ridiculed and mocked by the staff for his choice. He was also ridiculed for stating that he could not mount his TV to the wall because they'd get in the way of his sconces. During this segment he also stated that he has a light system that lights up a trail from his bedroom to his kitchen for use in the very early mornings when he prepares for work. He also mentioned his desire to own an expensive a system for which to view his DVD collection from any television in his home without having to load the disc, for which he received a tremendous amount of ridicule. He also is known for having many surveillance cameras in and around his home that he frequently checks from his office computer.

Baba Booey

Previously nicknamed "Boy Gary", Dell'Abate's "Baba Booey" moniker originated on the Howard Stern Show in 1989, after telling a story of his prized collection of animation cels. In the course of discussing a Quick Draw McGraw cel he might purchase, he misstated the name of McGraw's sidekick "Baba Looey" as "Baba Booey" (In actuality, Gary was not entirely wrong when he referred to "Baba Booey". Quickdraw McGraw frequently referred to Baba Looey as "Baba Boy", which tended to sound like "Baba Booey"). As is typical of the show, the rest of the cast "goofed" on his mistake, becoming especially merciless since he was mulling the purchase of a cel of a character without even knowing the character's correct name. Dell'Abate said something to the effect that they would forget the name by the next day, yet after nearly two decades it is still his nickname. The nickname is frequently varied to similar sounding names such as "Fah Fah Fooey" or "Ma Ma Monkey."

Dell'Abate has often recounted that people unfamiliar with the Stern show think "Baba Booey" is his real name. A frequent guest on the TV game show The Hollywood Squares, Dell'Abate was sometimes just called "Bob" or "Baba" by unknowing contestants. "Baba Booey" as a term has become a mantra for fans of the Howard Stern Show and is often used during crank calls to live network television or radio broadcasts.

ong parodies

Dell'Abate is probably the subject of more song parodies than any other topic on the Stern Show, the only cast member with more may be Robin Quivers. Most of the songs involve melodically repeating one of Dell'Abate's nicknames over and over (usually Baba Booey), although some contain actual lyrics, most of which insult Dell'Abate's appearance. Oftentimes including drawn out phrases such as "Ra ra retard", "Ma ma monkey", "Sma sma Smelly" or "Sta sta stupid" to fill in melodic gaps in the song.

*"A Horse With No Name" by America as "Boy with Horse Teeth"
*"Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" by Led Zeppelin
*"Bad Boys" by Inner Circle (Also known as the "Cops" theme song)"
*"Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty
*"Barbara Ann" by The Beach Boys
*"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
*"Conga" by Miami Sound Machine
*"Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson
*"The Entertainment Tonight Theme"
*"Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz
*"The Imperial March" by John Williams, the Darth Vader Theme
*"The Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin
*"That's Life", as "Those Teeth"
*"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath
*"If I Only Had a Brain" from the Wizard of Oz
*"It Had to Be You"
*"Let The Music Play" by Shannon, premiered September 12, 2007, Howard 100, Sirius Satellite Radio
*"Macarena" by Los del Río
*"Pop Muzik" by M, premiered September 6, 2007, Howard 100, Sirius Satellite Radio
*"Proud Mary" by CCR, premiered September 12, 2007, Howard 100, Sirius Satellite Radio
*"Rehab" by Amy Winehouse, premiered September 6, 2007, Howard 100, Sirius Satellite Radio
*"Ridin'" by Chamillionaire
*"Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake
*"Stan" by Eminem and Dido
*"Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles, premiered August 23, 2006, Howard 100, Sirius Satellite Radio
*"Summer Nights" by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta
*"These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra as "These Teeth are Made for Chomping"
*"These Eyes" by The Guess Who as "These Teeth" featuring Burton Cummings []

Notable Stern Show events

In 1988, Dell'Abate made a videotaped bid to win back an ex-girlfriend, which came to light in the late 1990s when an ex-boyfriend of the woman called Howard's show claiming to have seen the tape. On the tape, Gary frequently refers to his ex as "man" (e.g., "I miss you, man"), states that his professional life is a 9 (pronounced like "newine") while his personal life is at a 2, and since their split, she has gained a lover and a best friend while he has gained a couple of lovers but has no friends. He also points out that his hair had grown longer during their time apart and that he is wearing his favorite t-shirt, one he often wore while they were together. Such proclamations invited much ridicule from Stern fans and regulars, and snippets of the audio from the tape became oft-used soundbites on the show. While his bid to win back his lady love proved successful, they ultimately broke up for good the following year. He was paid over $25,000 by members of Stern's audience and staff to hand over the tape.

Dell'Abate's contribution to "The Revelations Game", announced on January 16, 2006, was that he and a friend of his once paid massage girls to come to their hotel room, but that the girls ended up ripping the two off and left them staring at each other in their underwear. The Stern Show staff roundly criticized Dell'Abate for this sub-par revelation.

Dell'Abate is a devotee of 1980s music, and he sometimes plays "Stump the Booey", an Eighties music trivia game, usually beating his competitor.

Dell'Abate has sung songs on the show written by Fred Norris, in which he ridicules himself for his work habits, eating habits, bad breath, large teeth, and "monkey like" features.

During a hallway fight between A.J. Benza and Stuttering John Melendez, Dell'Abate was accidentally punched in the face while trying to keep the two apart.

On the March 28, 2006 show, Dell'Abate was inadvertently squirted in the eye by a stream of female ejaculate during a segment in which Annie Cruz used various high-powered tools to achieve orgasm. Discussion ensued on whether the fluid was actually different from urine, and concerned callers raised the possibility of it containing HIV.

On October 26, 2006, Gary became the second regular Stern Show personality, after Artie Lange, to be roasted. The Roast Master was the Reverend Bob Levy. He was roasted by Collin Quinn, Lisa Lampanelli, Artie Lange, Sal the Stockbroker, among others.

On a January 2008 edition of the Stern show it was revealed by Gary that he would possibly be getting braces for his overbite. He claims it would make his lips protrude less and would get lip reduction if the lips hung over. Gary assured everyone it didn't have to do with the constant ribbing on the show and he knew even after he had them off the staff would continue tormenting him. Gary eventually decided to forgo the dental procedure and focus on losing weight, thus far he has been unsuccessful.

Personal life

Dell'Abate lives in Old Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife Mary and their two sons, Jackson and Lucas. His sons appeared on the show during a bit titled "Daddy or Dummy".

After Gary's brother, Steven, died of AIDS in January 1991, Dell'Abate became a supporter of LIFEbeat The Music Industry Fights AIDS [ [ LIFEbeat-The Music Industry Fights AIDS ] ] and serves on the charity's Board of Directors. He said Richard Simmons helped cheer up his brother and "light up the whole hospital". Gary convinced Artie Lange to get involved with LIFEbeat by creating a cupcake in collaboration with Crumb's bakery. Artie's donations were subsequently rejected by LIFEbeat for his anti-gay and anti-AIDS victim rants, much to Gary's dismay. Gary is an avid New York Mets, New York Jets and New York Islanders fan

On June 19th, 2008 Gary's cousin, Jill Dell'Abate was in studio playing in Carly Simon's band.cite news | first=Jason | last=Kaplan | coauthors= Michael Dempster | title=The Rundown | date=2008-06-19 | publisher= | url= | work = | pages =1 | accessdate = 2008-06-20| language = ]


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