Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

name= Picture Perfect

director=Glenn Gordon Caron
writers= Arleen Sorkin & Paul Slansky
starring=Jennifer Aniston
Jay Mohr
Kevin Bacon
Illeana Douglas
Olympia Dukakis
released= 1 August 1997
runtime=105 min.
country = USA

"Picture Perfect" is a 1997 film, starring Jennifer Aniston, Jay Mohr, Kevin Bacon, Illeana Douglas, Olympia Dukakis, and Anne Twomey.

Plot synopsis

Kate (Jennifer Aniston) is struggling in the advertising business in New York, believing in her talents, but she cannot move forward. When the chance comes for her to get promoted, her boss (Kevin Dunn) decides to pass her up because she is 'not stable enough'. Her co-worker Darcy then makes up a story about an engagement with a guy called Nick (Jay Mohr) who lives in Massachusetts, and works as a freelance videographer, with whom Kate had her picture taken during a recent friends' wedding.

All seems to work out well for Kate. She even gets the attention of a colleague (Kevin Bacon) she had always wanted, but then events take a dramatic turn forcing her to bring her alleged fiancée to dinner with her boss after Nick saves a little girl from a fire and winds up on the news, not to mention on the cover of several newspapers. She asks Nick to make a fool out of himself and to "break-up" with her. Nick doesn't want to comply, but he cooperates to please Kate.

However, by the way Nick takes care of Kate, she realizes that he is the right man for her. The movie ends up when Kate asks Nick to go on a date with her and they kiss each other in a church where Nick is supposed to videotape a wedding.

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