Eparchy of Banat

Eparchy of Banat

The Eparchy of Banat (Serbian: "Банатска епархија" or "Banatska eparhija") is an ecclesiastical territory or eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Banat region, Serbia. It is mostly situated in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, while the eparchy also include a small south-western part of Banat that belong to Belgrade. The seat of the eparchy is in Vršac.

Monasteries belonging to the eparchy

*Mesić monastery in Vršac municipality. It was founded in the 15th century.
*Vojlovica monastery in Pančevo municipality. It was founded during the time of despot Stefan Lazarević (1374-1427).
*Holy Trinity monastery in Kikinda. It was built in 1885-87 as a foundation of Melanija Nikolić-Gajčić.
*Saint Melanija monastery in Zrenjanin. It was founded in 1935 by Banatian bishop dr. Georgije Letić.
*Bavanište monastery in Kovin municipality. It was founded in the 15th century and was destroyed in 1716. It was rebuilt in 1858.
*Središte monastery in Vršac municipality.
*Hajdučica monastery in Plandište municipality. It was founded in 1939.


Bishops of Vršac

*Teodor Nestorović, leader of the Serb uprising in Banat in 1594.
*Simeon (1611)
*Antonije (1622)
*Teodosije, metropolitan (1672)
*Spiridon Štibica (1695-17??)
*Mojsije Stanojević (1722-1726)
*Nikola Dimitrijević (1726-1728)
*Maksim Nestorović (1728-1738)
*Jeftimije Damjanović (1739)
*Isaije Antonović (1741-1748)
*Jovan Đorđević (1749-1769)
*Vikentije Popović (1774-1785)
*Josif Jovanović Šakabenta (1786-1805)
*Petar Jovanović Vidak (1806-1818)
*Maksim Manuilović (1829-1833)
*Josif Rajačić (1833-1842)
*Stefan Popović (1843-1849)
*Emilijan Kengelac (1853-1885)
*Nektarije Dimitrijević (1887-1895)
*Gavrilo Zmejanović (1896-1919)

Bishops of Banat

*Ilarion Radović (1922-1929)
*Dr. Georgije Letić (1931-1935)
*Vikentije Bujić (1936-1939)
*Damaskin Grdanički (1939-1947)
*Visarion Kostić (1951-1979)
*Sava Vuković (1980-1985; administrator of the eparchy)
*Amfilohije Radović (1985-1990)
*Atanasije Jevtić (1991-1992)
*Hrizostom Stolić (1992-2003)
*Nikanor Bogunović (2003 - present)

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