Prototype (disambiguation)

Prototype (disambiguation)

A prototype is something that is representative of a category of things.

Prototype may also refer to:


* Citroën Prototype C, range of vehicles created by Citroën from 1955 to 1956
* Citroën Prototype Y, project of replacement of the Citroën Ami studied by Citroën in the early seventies
* Le Mans Prototype, class of sports car racing vehicles specifically designed for endurance racing


* Mack Prototype, wholly owned subsidiary of Mack Group
* Prototype (company), a Japanese software company

;Computer science
* in software engineering:
** a prototype is an incomplete version of software, built so users can experience some of the proposed features or properties; see software prototyping
* in programming:
** Function prototype, declaration of a function that omits the function body but does specify the function's name, arity, and argument types
** prototype, an object of all native JavaScript objects that allows programmers to extend JavaScript's capabilities.
** Prototype JavaScript Framework, JavaScript library for the creation of Ajax applications
** Prototype-based programming, style of object-oriented programming in which classes are not present
** Prototype pattern, design pattern similar to the factory method pattern


* Prototype (band), A US rock band
* Prototypes (band), French rock band with hits in France and a US CD release
* The Prototypes, UK rock band with a song on the "FIFA 07" video game soundtrack
* "Prototype", song by OutKast from their 2003 album "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below"
* "Prototype" (BWO album) is the debut album of the Swedish electronica group "Bodies Without Organs"

;Science fiction television

* "Prototype" (Stargate SG-1), episode from the ninth season of "Stargate SG-1"
* "Prototype" (Voyager episode), episode in the second season of "Star Trek: Voyager"
*"Prototype" (Smallville), episode from the sixth season of "Smallville"

;Video games

* "Prototype" (game), an open-ended action game under development by Radical Entertainment

;Other fields
* "The Prototype", ring name of professional wrestler John Cena
* Design prototyping, a process of putting together a working model or demonstration
* Prototype Theory, model of graded categorization in Cognitive Science

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