Technorealism is an attempt to expand the middle ground between techno-utopianism and neo-luddism by assessing the social and political implications of technologies so that people might all have more control over the shape of their future. The technorealist approach involves a continuous critical examination of how technologies might help or hinder people in the struggle to improve the quality of their lives, their communities, and their economic, social, and political structures. [cite web |url= |title=Technorealism |accessdate=2007-02-22]

Although technorealism began with a focus on U.S.-based concerns about information technology, it has evolved into an international intellectual movement with a variety of interests such as biotechnology and nanotechnology.cite paper| author = Berkman Center for Internet & Society| title = Conference on Technorealism: How should we think about technology| date = 1998 | url =| accessdate=2007-02-06]




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