California Law Review

California Law Review

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title = California Law Review

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discipline = Law review
language = English
abbreviation = CLR
publisher = UC Berkeley School of Law
country = United States
frequency = Bi-Monthly

history = 1912 to present
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impact = 2.69 [ [ Sci-Bytes: Journals Ranked by Impact: Law] ]
impact-year = 2005ww
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ISSN = 0008-1221
The California Law Review is the flagship law review of the UC Berkeley School of Law. Founded in 1912, the Review was the first student law journal published west of Illinois.

The CLR has a unique application process. It consists of an anonymous "write on" competition, with grades playing no role in the consideration of membership. In addition, twenty percent of an application's weight rests on a personal statement. The personal statement is used to evaluate applicants based on several factors, in particular their "diversity."

In independent surveys of attorneys, professors, and judges conducted in 1967, 1975, and 1986, the CLR ranked in the top ten journals in the nation in terms of value as a legal research tool. CLR was the sixth most frequently cited review in the country. In addition, several CLR articles were ranked among the fifty most cited legal articles in history. An exhaustive study conducted in 1986 found that CLR ranked third in state court citations and tenth among all courts in the nation, including the United States Supreme Court.

Past editors of CLR have included justices Roger J. Traynor (former Editor-in-Chief), Earl Warren, Rose Bird, Allen Broussard, law professor Barbara Armstrong, and defense attorneys Tony Serra and Michael Tigar.

ignificant articles

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