XML XML XML is an open XML-based file format developed as an open community effort[1][2][3] by Sun Microsystems and other project contributors in 2000-2002. The open-source software application suite 1.x and StarOffice 6 used the format as their native and default file format for saving files. In 2005, the (since version 2.0) and StarOffice (since version 8) have switched to a new standardized file format - OpenDocument, as their native and default format.[4][5] The XML format is no longer widely used, but it is still supported in recent versions of, StarOffice and other software.

OpenDocument format (ISO/IEC 26300:2006) is based on XML and these formats are very similar in many technical areas.[6][7] However, OpenDocument is not the same as the older XML format and these formats are not directly compatible.

StarOffice developers and later project members adopted XML to replace the old binary StarOffice file format. The goal was to have a complete specification encompassing all StarOffice (later components, and to provide an open standard for office documents. The draft version of XML specification was also known as StarOffice XML File Format.[8]


File formats

The format uses XML files to describe the documents. To minimize space, the files are compressed into an archive and given a suffix depending on what sort of data is contained in them.

File type component File (template) suffixes MIME
Text Writer sxw (stw) application/vnd.sun.xml.writer
Spreadsheet Calc sxc (stc) application/vnd.sun.xml.calc
Graphics Draw sxd (std) application/vnd.sun.xml.draw
Presentation Impress sxi (sti) application/vnd.sun.xml.impress
Formula Math sxm application/vnd.sun.xml.math
Master document Writer sxg application/
HTML Writer html (stw) text/html


  • Abiword (SXW)[10] - free software
  • EditGrid Viewer (SXC)[11] - an online application
  • Gnumeric (SXC)[12] - free software
  • Google Docs (SXW, import only) - an online application
  • KOffice (SXW, SXC, SXI) - free software
  • - free software
  • StarOffice - commercial software
  • SoftMaker Office 2006 - TextMaker 2006 (SXW, import only) - freeware[13]; SoftMaker Office 2008 and newer versions are commercial software
  • TextMaker Viewer (SXW, view only)[14] - freeware
  • Visioo-Writer (limited support) - free software
  • Zoho Office (SXW, SXC, SXI - view/edit/convert files)[15][16][17] - an online application; Zoho Viewer (SXW, SXC, SXI - view/convert files) - online application[18][19]; Zoho QuickRead - a Firefox/Internet Explorer plug-in for online Viewer[20]

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