International reactions to the Qana airstrike

International reactions to the Qana airstrike

. Bombings resumed only a few hours after the start of the cessation of air operations.


Unless otherwise stated, all quotes are from [,23599,19966234-2,00.html "International responses"] , "News Limited", July 30, 2006.


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Arab States

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* stated that "The Arab Republic of Egypt expresses its profound alarm and its condemnation of the irresponsible Israeli bombing of the Lebanese village of Qana, which resulted in innocent casualties, mostly women and children." [ BBC News - In quotes: Reaction to Qana Incident] , retrieved 30 July 2006]


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* also condemned the attacks. [cite news | title = Kuwaiti PM informed Siniora about Kuwait"s USD 300 million grant to Lebanon | publisher = KUNA | date = July 30, 2006 | url = ]

* | url =;_ylt=AuLEkk2Obx1wmDhLf4FaE_QLewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHVqMTQ4BHNlYwN5bnN1YmNhdA]

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* also said:"The massacre committed by Israel in Qana this morning shows the barbarity of this aggressive entity. It constitutes state terrorism committed in front of the eyes and ears of the world."

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* said that "France condemns this unjustifiable action, which shows more than ever the need to move toward an immediate cease-fire."

* - British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett stated: "It's absolutely dreadful, it's quite appalling. We have repeatedly urged Israel to act proportionately."

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* - Foreign Ministry spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos stated: "We are filled with repugnance and deep sadness. ... Now the need for an immediate cease-fire is more pressing than ever."

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* said: "I truly hope that a road to peace is found again."

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* - The Spanish government's expressed "profound consternation and condemns the Israeli bombardment."

* | url =,1082,67734203_852__,00.html ]

* - Ankara stated: "We are filled with deep sadness because of the death of innocent people." Foreign Ministry called Israel for an immediate cease-fire.

* |url=|accessdate=2006-07-30]


*. [cite news | title=Bangladesh: Lebanon attacks 'state terrorism'|publisher=Associated Press|url=]
* - The Iranian Foreign Ministry stated that "The Qana bombing is the outcome of Rice's trip to the region. Some American officials should be put on trial for the crimes in Lebanon.".
* - The government of Japan issued the following statement: "The Government of Japan strongly deplores the incident on July 30 in which many Lebanese civilians including children were killed by an Israel Air Force strike despite the repeated calls for Israel's self-restraint by the international society." It also called for an immediate cease-fire. [cite press release|publisher=Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan|title=Statement by the Press Secretary/Director-General for Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the Israel-Lebanon Situation|url=]
* said "the Pakistani government and people strongly condemn this sad incident, which is clearly unwarranted aggression, and calls for an immediate ceasefire."
* - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade released a statement expressing regret at the loss of life by the Israeli airstrikes. It also called on the government of Lebanon to make efforts to return kidnapped Israeli soldiers. [cite press release|title=Statement by MOFAT Spokesperson on Recent Conflicts between Israel and Hezbollah and between Israel and Hamas|publisher=The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea|url=]


* said he rejected "the acts of indiscriminate violence and the use of military force against civilian targets by all parties" in the conflict.

*" [] .

* released a statement saying "We desire an immediate cease fire and withdrawal of invading forces from Lebanon." [es icon [ "Foreign Ministry of Chile press release"] ]

*". 31 July 2006, World News; Political. 1 September 2006 LexisNexis Academic.]

*USA - United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced that she postponed her visit to Beirut, adding that:"We [the United States Government] want a ceasefire as soon as possible, I would have wanted a ceasefire yesterday if possible, but the parties have to agree to a ceasefire and there have to be certain conditions in place... Any ceasefire has to have circumstances that are going to be acceptable to the parties." [cite news|title=Rice says 'time to get to a ceasefire' in Lebanon - UPDATE|date=2006-07-30|publisher=Forbes|author=Forbes|url=] President George W. Bush said the United States "mourns the loss of innocent life" and that all parties with a stake in the Mideast conflict "must work together to achieve a sustainable peace." The Bush administration has refused to call for an immediate cease-fire, with officials saying they want a "sustainable" end to hostilities -- one that includes efforts to prevent future Hezbollah attacks against Israel.cite news|title=Israel halts airstrikes for 48 hours|date=2006-07-30|publisher=CNN|url=]

* said, "This murder of dozens of women and children has no justification whatsoever." The UN and other powerful nations shared blame for the attack because they had responded to Israel's military campaign in Palestine and Lebanon with "silence and omissions."


* Amnesty International issued a statement saying:

"The devastating attack on Qana makes clear that an immediate and full ceasefire is urgently needed. Measures taken by Israel to temporarily suspend airstrikes over southern Lebanon are insufficient. Both sides to this conflict have shown a blatant disregard for the laws of war and civilians on both sides are paying the price as war crimes abound..." [ [ "48 hours not enough as war crimes continue"] , Amnesty International]

* - League's Secretary-General said that "The attacks that Israeli forces are launching targeting civilians and the Lebanese infrastructure are another confirmation of Israeli aggressive intentions."

* , said that he has "talked to the Prime Minister of Lebanon ... I have expressed to him my profound dismay and deep sorrow at the attack and the death of innocent civilians in Qana. Nothing can justify that."

* Hamas - A Hamas legislator said that "In the face of this open war against the Arab and Muslim nations all options are open, including striking the depth of the Zionist entity."

* - Stated that "this horrific massacre will not go without a response."

* Human Rights Watch - The Human Rights organization issued a statement placing responsibility for the attacks on Israel. The statement read: "Israel remains under a strict obligation to direct attacks at only military objectives, and to take all feasible precautions to avoid the incidental loss of civilian life." [ [ "Israel Responsible for Qana Attack: Indiscriminate Bombing in Lebanon a War Crime"] , "Human Rights Watch", July 30, 2006]

* released a statement condemning "the death of innocent civilians, especially children, in Qana, Lebanon, as a result of Israeli bombing." The statement also called for immediate cessation of hostilities by all parties. [cite press release | title = OAS SECRETARY GENERAL CONDEMNS ATTACK ON LEBANESE TOWN | publisher = The Organization of American States | url=]
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