Unity Party

Unity Party

The Unity Party is the name of several political parties around the world, including:
*Unity Party (Australia), a small multiculturist party in Australia
*British Columbia Unity Party, a provincial-level party in British Columbia, Canada
*Unity Party of Canada, a party in Canada
*Unity Party (Iraq), a party in Iraq
*Unity Party (Israel), a now-defunct party in Israel
*Unity Party (Liberia), a party in Liberia
*Unity Party of Russia, a party in Russia
*Unity Party of New York, a part in New York, United States of America circa 1982-1994
*Unity (Northern Ireland), a label for nationalist candidates in Northern Ireland running in an electoral pact during the 1970s
*Unity Party (Quebec), a former provincial-level party in Quebec, Canada
*Saba Unity Party, a party in the Netherlands Antilles
*Unity Party of America, a party in the United States of America
*Unity08, an American political group seeking to build a coalition of supporters from both the Democratic and Republican Parties (unrelated to the Unity Party of America)

See also: National Unity Party, Socialist Unity Party, United Party, List of political parties.

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