Rail transport in Kenya

Rail transport in Kenya

"See also:" Kenya Railways Corporation.

The former Uganda Railway, was run by the company East African Railways jointly for the countries of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya after WWI. Since the dissolution of the EAR corporation in 1977 the national company Kenya Railways Corporation runs the former Uganda Railway and its branches in Kenya. The most important line in the country runs between the port of Mombasa and Nairobi, where sleeping car accommodation is offered for tourists.

In 2006, the Rift Valley Railways Consortium led by South African companies took operating control of the Kenya and Uganda railways as part of a contract lasting at least 25 years. After criticism from the Kenya Railways Corporation, RVR doubled the frequency of service, and also imposed restrictions to reduce derailments on the ageing infrastructure. [http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article.php?a_id=112096]

RVR run passenger trains within Kenya only, primarily from Nairobi to Mombasa but also to local towns such as Kisumu. Passenger services on these lines are offered on peak periods only. Freight services are the bulk of RVR's operations.

Operational Track

"Total:" 2,778 km

"Narrow gauge:" 2,778 km 1000 mm gauge

Railway links with adjacent countries

* Ethiopia - no - same 1000mm gauge
* Somalia - no railways
* Sudan - no - proposed link to Juba, Sudan (2005) break-of-gauge 1000mm/1067mm
* Tanzania - same 1000mm gauge - maybe defunct
* Uganda - yes - same gauge - 1000mm

Gauge change

In May 2008, debate about gauge change in Kenya to the world standard of 1435mm became lively:

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* "
http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/kenya.pdf UN Map]

Cities served by rail


* Mombasa - ocean port
* Mariakani
* Voi - junction
** Taveta - near Tanzania border
** flagicon|Tanzania Moshi - in Tanzania
* Tsavo
* Mtito Andei
* Kibwezi
* Sultan Hamud
* Konza, Kenya - junction for Magadi
** Kajiado
** Konza
** Magadi - soda factory, operated by Magadi Soda Company
* Nairobi - national capital and junction for Nanyuki
** Thika
** Murang'a
** Nyeri
** Nanyuki - branch terminus

* Naivasha
* Gilgil - junction for Nyahururu
** Nyahururu - branch terminus
* Nakuru - junction for Kisumu
** Molo
** Solai - branch terminus
** Londiani
** Kisumu - inland port on Lake Victoria
** Butere - branch terminus
* Eldoret
** Kitale - branch terminus
* Webuye

* Tororo, Uganda


* Lamu - port
* Garissa - river town

See also

* Transport in Kenya
* Kenya

* [http://www.narrow-gauge.co.uk/gallery/93 Gallery]


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