Wireless Nodes Database

Wireless Nodes Database

WiND is a Web application targeted at Wireless community networks.It was created as a replacement for [http://www.nodedb.com/ NodeDB] for the members of Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) located in Athens, Greece.

Infobox Software
name = WiND - Wireless Nodes Database

developer = Nikolaos Nikalexis, Konstantinos Papadimitriou, Christos Petsas, Petros Moisiadis, Faidon Liambotis, John Kolovos
operating_system = Cross-platform
genre = Web Application
license = GPL
website = [http://wind.cube.gr/ wind.cube.gr]


WiND was created by a [http://wind.cube.gr/wiki/Team team] of people and each piece of code remains under the copyright of their respective author.

WiND is Free Software, licensed under the GNU GPL.

Technical information

WiND is written in PHP and uses a MySQL backend for storing the data. Smarty is used as the template engine.


* Supports multiple users and multiple nodes per user
* User management: different access rights for each job
* Stores all the node information a Wireless MAN will need: location, height, area, region, backbone & AP interfaces, roof view photos, subnets & hosts in a node etc.
* Provides an easy (but powerful) way of searching for specific nodes
* Using NASA's SRTM data, it graphs the "Line of Sight" (and "Fresnel zone") between two nodes and calculates "Free space loss" for the distance between them
* Uses Google Maps to show the nodes and their links on the map.
* Can be used to manage the distribution of IP Ranges and forward/reverse DNS assigned to each node ("Hostmaster")
* Fully themeable interface (using simple (X)HTML templates)
* Support for L10n localization; Unicode/UTF-8 support
* Integrates with BIND Nameserver for serving the DNS zones, PowerDNS integration planned
* A WHOIS server is provided that serves the data using the WHOIS protocol

Future Plans

* Installation page
* Administration page (SRTM file upload)
* Peer notification on new link creation (BB or client)
* Monitoring links using graphs (snmp data)
* Monitoring of IP layer (pings, latency etc)
* Radio coverage (Google maps, Google earth)
* PowerDNS integration
* Statistics (new nodes, new links)
* Action logging


Visit the [http://wind.cube.gr/ WiND wiki page] for additional information about the project.


[http://wind.cube.gr/report WiND Bug Tracking System] - powered by Trac.


You can find a working demo of a working development version at [http://wind.sf.net wind.sf.net] .

Communities using WiND

* [http://wind.awmn.net/ AWMN - Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network]
* [http://wind.wiran.gr/ WirAN - Wireless Agrinio Network]
* [http://nodedb.trwn.gr/ TrWN - Tripoli Wireless Network]
* [http://wind.twmn.net/ TWMN - Thessaloniki's Wireless Metropolitan Network]
* [http://www.wiman.gr/wind/ WiMAN - Wireless Metropolitan Agrinio Network]
* [http://ewn.awmn.net/ EWN - Evia Wireless Network]
* [http://wind.vwmn.net/ VWMN - Veria Wireless Metropolitan Network]
* [http://wind.trikalawireless.gr/ TOWN - Trikala Open Wireless Network]
* [http://wireless.uoc.gr/wind/ HSWN - Heraklion Wireless Network]
* [http://wind.pwmn.net/ PWMN - Patras Wireless Metropolitan Network]
* [http://lwmn.awmn.net/ LWMN - Lamia Wireless Metropolitan Network]
* [http://www.aswn.gr/wind/ ASWN - Aegean Student Wireless Network]
* [http://cywn.dyndns.org/wind/ CYMN - Cyclades Wireless Network]
* [http://kvwn2.dyndns.org:20080 KVWN - Kavala Wireless Metropolitan Network]
* [http://wnk.awmn.net/ CWMN - Corinth Wireless Metropolitan Network]
* [http://wind.dwn.gr/ DMN - Drama Wireless Network]
* [http://wind.kwn.gr/ KMN - Kos Wireless Network]

South Africa
* [http://wind.pwp.za.net PWP - Pretoria Wireless Project]

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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