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family = Osa (mother), Saangi (sister and Acolyte)
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Loor is a warrior in D. J. MacHale's Pendragon series. She has appeared in seven books so far (she did not appear in The Never War,or The Quillian Games), more than any other Traveler aside from the main characters: Bobby Pendragon, and Saint Dane.

Loor is the Traveler from Zadaa, one of the ten territories. She is a Batu (a tribe on Zadaa) and is a Ghee warrior of that tribe. Since the Batu live above-ground on a scorching planet, their skin is very dark.

Loor's eyes are brown. Her hair is dark, almost black, and is tied in a long braid. Loor has an extremely athletic body with "zero body-fat" and is taller than Bobby when described in the first book.


Loor makes an appearance in many of the Pendragon books, along with the main character of the Pendragon series, Bobby Pendragon.

The Merchant of Death

Loor appears in the Merchant of death as the Daughter of Osa, and next in line to becoming the traveler from Zadaa.

The Lost City of Faar

Loor shows up again in the next book, The Lost City of Faar. This time, she helps Bobby explain to Spader, the new Traveler from Cloral, what being a traveler is all about. The stay on Zadaa is not long, but it is relevant to book six.

The Reality Bug

Loor comes back again in the fourth book, The Reality Bug, to help Bobby Pendragon and Aja Killian (the Traveler from Veelox) to defeat the Reality Bug. Bobby needs help entering the fantasy world of Dr. Zetlin (the man who created Lifelight, and thus can save it), and he needs the help of an experienced warrior. Loor stated in the second book that if Bobby ever needed physical help, he should call for her. They manage to enter Zetlin's fantasy world, and, with his help, save Lifelight. However, they fail in the end, losing their first territory to Saint Dane.

Black Water

Loor appears briefly at the end of Black Water. She cremates Kasha, the Traveler from Eelong, for Bobby when he comes to Zadaa.

The Rivers of Zadaa

The Rivers of Zadaa (the sixth Pendragon book) is based in Loor's home territory, Zadaa, where she teaches Bobby how to fight after a near-death battle with Saint Dane. In this book, Bobby finally works out that he loves Loor. Eventually, he confesses his feelings, only to learn from her that their togetherness would weaken their mission. At the end of the book, Loor is killed by Saint Dane, only to come back to life moments later– possibly with Bobby's help, in that he was "willing" her revival. The suggestion is that a Traveler may bring another Traveler back to life, if their destiny is unfulfilled.

Loor appears on the cover of this book, showing the details of the light-weight Ghee armor and a heavy wooden staff. Loor's long braided hair and dark brown (almost black) eyes are also noticeable in the picture, which is very accurate to all descriptions so far throughout the books.

Major events and important facts involving Loor in book six

Through this book, it is learned that Loor grew up on Zadaa with her mother, Osa, and sister, Saangi (who is also adopted, as well as her acolyte). She spent some time outside the capital city, Xhaxhu, and trained to become a Ghee warrior. There, she met a Rokador named Bokka, who was also in training to become a warrior. In the book, Loor is restrained and forced to watch Bobby being beaten up by Saint Dane, who had taken the form of a Ghee. After his recovery from this near-death experience, Loor trains Bobby to defend himself in the training-grounds where Loor had learned. Bokka appears several times, ultimately to die revealing the presence of Saint Dane.

Throughout the book, Bobby writes to Mark and Courtney of his growing feelings for Loor, and eventually admits his love for her. Although Loor reciprocates Bobby's love, she refuses to let that stand in the way of her duty. The same paradigm prevailed before, during her interactions with Bokka.

At the end of the book, Saint Dane, wielding a massive sword, impales Loor. Bobby avenges her, stabbing Saint Dane with his own weapon, but the demon revives and escapes. Bobby then somehow manages to resurrect Loor. Loor then tells Bobby that she had heard a familiar male voice tell her that she was not meant to die. It could be speculated that this voice belonged to Press.

Raven Rise

Loor appears at the end of the story with the other travelers and kisses Bobby.

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