A Chinese Ghost Story III

A Chinese Ghost Story III
A Chinese Ghost Story III

Film poster
Directed by Ching Siu-Tung
Produced by Tsui Hark
Starring Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Joey Wang
Jacky Cheung
Nina Li Chi
Release date(s) 1991
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

A Chinese Ghost Story III (Sinnui Yauwan III: Do Do Do) is a 1991 Hong Kong romantic comedy-horror film directed by Ching Siu-Tung and produced by Tsui Hark. It is the sequel to A Chinese Ghost Story and A Chinese Ghost Story II.

Though technically a distant sequel, the plot is more of a retelling of the original A Chinese Ghost Story. Joey Wong reprises her role as a ghostly beauty bound in servitude to the Tree Demon. The Tree Demon's seal, as cast by the monk Yan (Wu Ma) in the original film, only lasts for 100 years. Now 100 years later, the Tree Demon awakens.


Two Buddhist monks, the master Bai Yun and his inept disciple Shi Fang are transporting a golden idol of Buddha. On their travels they meet the relatively honorable mercenary Yin. Beset by thieves and ne'er-do-wells in the villages, the monks opt to spend the night at the local temple, which is none other than the Orchid Temple of the first film. Over the next few nights, Shi Fang is visited by Lotus and the two become fond of each other.

However, Butterfly becomes suspicious of her sister Lotus. Being rivals for the favor of the Tree Demon, Butterfly plots to capture the monk and expose her sister's betrayal. When the Tree Demon attempts to take Shi Fang, the master intervenes and uses a spell to transport his disciple to safety. In the ensuing battle with the Tree Demon, the master himself is captured.

Shi Fang enlists Yin to help rescue his master, and feels he must also help Lotus by recovering her urn. Yin and the master do battle with the Tree Demon, destroying it. Though he disapproves of his disciple's relationship with the ghost, the master helps to save Lotus as well. Black mountain Demon came after tree demon was dead, he summon up high pillars to block the escape route and make the sky dark and the sunlight could not shine on earth. So, black mountain demon uses this opportunity and tries to kill Shi Fang, Master Bai Yun and Lotus.

Shi Fang was casted spell by Master Bai Yun and Shi Fang body is covered with holy gold liquid , therefore Lotus needed to bring Shi Fang up to the sky above the dark cloud so that Shi Fang can use his Golden body to reflect the sunlight to earth . In the end , Black Mountain Demon was kill by sunlight , the sky became bright , Shi Fang thought Lotus was killed by the sunlight , therefore they went to search for lotus Shi Fang found Lotus hiding under a pile of rocks , Lotus did survive till the end , Lotus told Shi Fang that her spirit will follow him when he take her urn of ashes away from that place.


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