Zordon was a powerful Wizard in the Power Rangers franchise, appearing in the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" television series and many of its subsequent incarnations.

Although the Power Rangers had, in the continuity, predated Zordon, Zordon is generally credited with creating the first group of modern Power Rangers, as well as coining many of the phrases that are still used today. Among the most notable of these terms is the "Zord", a term for the various building-sized mechanical or biomechanical robot machines used in the series, and the "Megazord", a term for any arbitrary merger of Zords into a bigger, usually humanoid Zord."

The "Power Rangers" saga begins with a story of a battle of gigantic proportions between him and his nemesis, Rita Repulsa, over 10,000 years ago. Zordon and his assistant robot Alpha 5 eventually found the box containing the original five Power Coins, as well as a map to the Temple of Power, home of the coins' creator, Ninjor. Zordon also prepared for the eventual arrival of evil by placing key weapons across the solar system (such as the which he left on a moon of Jupiter). His experience over the ages gave him knowledge of various peoples and objects all across the known universe, many of which became key to aiding his Rangers.

Character history

Before Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

In the course of the intergalactic struggle between Zordon's good and Rita Repulsa's evil, the witch managed to trap Zordon in an interdimensional time warp before she and her minions were sealed away in a Space Dumpster by five warriors assembled by the good sorcerer. With Zordon gone, the day-to-day upkeep fell to the duties of his loyal robot, Alpha 5.

After the battles ceased, Zordon decided to use Earth as his new base of operations, setting up in the deserts of California. This worked out ironically well as Rita's dumpster eventually crash-landed on the Moon of Earth, proceeding to launch her attacks in the vicinity of Zordon and Alpha's Command Center

At some point in the year 1880, the Pink Ranger from the mid-1990's was transported to the past. She teleported to the Command Center, and Zordon presented her with the other four power coins to defeat Goldar and a Cactus Monster.

Zordon's true form was seen in the episode Power Punks. As Kimberly Hart and Billy Cranston were both under the influence of an evil spell, Zordon recalled how he had to fight of the putty patrol for the singing squash. The viewing globe showed a flashback of Zordon attempting to get the squash and using it to fight off the putty patrol. The squash was the only hope of curing the 2, and Alpha eventually retrieved it after also fighting the putty patrol. Zordon's was dressed in all white with sky blue hair.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

When Rita was released in the early 1990s, Zordon, with the help of his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, sought out five teenagers thus creating the first generation of Power Rangers. Each Power Ranger received a Power Coin - one of the five coins discovered by Zordon and Alpha long ago.

Zordon acted as a mentor and advisor for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, providing them with the Thunderzords when the Dinozords weren't strong enough. When Tommy lost his Green Ranger powers forever, Zordon set about constructing the new White Tiger Powers and the White Tiger Thunderzord for him. When the Dino powers and the Thunderzords were destroyed, the Command Center suffered heavy damage and Zordon could not save them. He sent the Rangers on a quest to find Ninjor, the original creator of the power coins. When Master Vile turned back time, Zordon could not contact the rangers....

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Movie

Zordon was present in this movie. He belonged to the Order of Aurelius and Dulcea of the planet Phaedos knew of him. Zordon was almost killed when Ivan Ooze destroyed the command center and his tube, but was saved by the rangers and their animal spirits of the Ninjetti.He is also portrayed as older than he was in the series. This was only true because after his capsule was destroyed he started to age rapidly. The capsule kept him in a young state.

Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers

Zordon realized that as children, the rangers were powerless, so he contacted the Alien Rangers of Aquitar and brought them to Earth. After the Rangers Ninja Power Coins were destroyed, Zordon sent each ranger through time to receive a portion of the ZEO crystal. Zordon ended this series presumably dead as the Command Center exploded.

Power Rangers Zeo

Zordon remained the advisor to the rangers and managed to guide them on how to defeat King Mondo & The Machine Empire.

Turbo: Power Rangers Movie

When Divatox landed on Earth, Zordon realized that to save Lerigot, the ZEO powers were not enough, so he created the Turbo powers, he also helped the rangers create their own turbozords. He replaced Rocky (who injured himself) with an orphan named Justin who the rangers interacted with.

Power Rangers Turbo

Early on in this series, Zordon returned to his home planet to provide aid to the war-torn world of Eltar, to be replaced by Dimitria. Months after his departure, Eltar was attacked and Zordon was captured by the forces of evil. He returned once in this series to watch as Adam, Tommy, Tanya, and Katherine passed their powers to a new generation. The evil monarch, Dark Specter, imprisoned Zordon and began draining his powers for his own gain which, in turn, nullified the Turbo Ranger powers.

Power Rangers In Space

In the next series, the Rangers would spend time throughout the season trying to locate and rescue Zordon. Their attempts would typically end with the Rangers' coming close to locating either Zordon himself or key pieces of information that might help them to find him, but fail regularly.

However, in the "Power Rangers in Space" finale, Zordon's ultimate fate would be decided. By this time, the Space Rangers had failed to secure the universe from the invading forces. Andros, the Red Space Ranger, complicated matters by allowing the Commander of the United Alliance of Evil, Astronema (his long-lost sister, real name Karone) to continue her evil efforts, rather than be forced to harm her. Though Andros would refuse any course of action that could harm Astronema, he would accidentally knock her unconscious when she ambushes him in her Dark Fortress. Discovering the abducted Zordon to be on the Dark Fortress, Andros is attacked by Astronema's caregiver, Ecliptor. Knowing that only one option was left to protect the universe, the same way all the Rangers under his charge had before that time, Zordon instructed Andros to kill him by shattering his tube, resulting in the release of his omnipotent good energies, a phenomenon unofficially known as the Z-Wave that destroyed all active (At the time) evil in the universe.

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