Taekwang Group

Taekwang Group

Taekwang Group is a large South Korean "chaebol" (conglomerate), producing electronics, apparel, chemical, industry, and financial services products.


*Taekwang Industry
*Daehan Synthetic Fiber
*Seohan Corporation
*Yoodeok Corporation
*Taekyeong Corporation
*Seongkwang Corporation
*Hungkuk Ssangyong Fire
*Hungkuk Life
*Koryeo Mutual Savings Bank
*Yegaram Mutual Savings Bank
*Hungkuk Investment & Financial Services
*Hungkuk Securities (original see Fides)
*Iljoo Academy
*Taekwang Tour Development
*Dongrim Tour Development
*Hanvit Network
*Taekwang ICN
*Taekwang Buk Busan Networks
*Taekwang Systems
*Taekwang Image Time
*Taekwang Realco
*Suwon Broadcasting Corporation
*Taekwang KDMC
*TJ Investment
*Taekwang KOCOM
*Bando Cable Broadcasting Corporation
*Gwacheon Cable Networks
*Asan Cable Networks
*Iljoo Foundation
*Hankook Book Holdings

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External links

* [http://www.taekwanggroup.co.kr Taekwang Heungkook Group Homepage] ;Group
* [http://www.taekwang.co.kr Taekwang Industry]
* [http://www.taekwange.co.kr Taekwang Industry Electronics Division]
* [http://www.taekwang.org Taekwang Industry Clothing Division]
* [http://www.insurance.co.kr Heungkook Fire Insurance]
* [http://www.hungkuk.co.kr Heungkook Life Insurance]
* [http://www.fides.co.kr Taekwang Fides]
* [http://www.yegarambank.co.kr Taekwang Yegaram Mutual Savings Bank]
* [http://www.goryobank.co.kr Taekwang Koryeo Mutual Savings Bank Busan Holdings]
* [http://www.koryobank.co.kr Taekwang Koryeo Mutual Savings Bank Seoul Holdings]

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