Strategic planning software

Strategic planning software

Strategic planning software is a computer application that aids in the strategic planning process. The user is guided through the steps of the planning process, perhaps with the help of a wizard.

The software starts by helping the user identify specific issues and choices the process should address, clarify roles, create a planning committee, develop an organization profile and identify the information which must be collected to help make sound decisions. The next step involves articulating a mission and vision by reaching a consensus on why the organization exists, determining its primary business, identifying its values and creating an image of what success would look like.

The software aids in assessing the environment by organizing current information on internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats to develop an understanding of critical issues. The next step is to agree on priorities by identifying broad approaches (strategies) for addressing critical issues and the short and long-term goals and objectives.

The final steps involve writing the plan in one coherent document, implement the plan to align with day-to-day work, including operational or program-specific plans, fiscal and budget cycles. The data collected and generated by the software allow for regular evaluate progress and assessment of decisions made during the process.

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