The Masked Man

The Masked Man

The Masked Man is a fictional character appearing in the new season of the claymation wrestling spoof "Celebrity Deathmatch". He is voiced by Chris Edgerly and is clearly Michael Jackson, although announcers Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez have failed to realize it.


The Masked Man has interrupted 2 fights so far. He always flees the arena before he can be identified or killed. He usually appears when one of the announcers says, "It would take a miracle to save (Fighter's name) now!"

Tony Hawk vs Bam Margera

The Masked Man attacks Tony Hawk as he is about to hit Bam Margera with a medallion. He is later distracted by a boy eating a lollipop and flees the arena.

Bono vs Chris Martin

When Bono is about to put Chris Martin's face into a fry cooker, the Masked Man jumps into the ring and attacks Bono. He is then distracted by a boy eating a hot dog (simulating oral sex) and gets punched by Bono. While dodging Bono's attacks, he accidentally puts both of his feet into the fry cooker. He then flees the arena.

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