Welikada prison massacre

Welikada prison massacre

The Welikada prison massacre happened during the 1983 Black July pogrom against the Sri Lankan Tamil minority in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 53 prisoners were killed inside a high security prisonFact|date=March 2007. No individuals have been convicted of crimes relating to these incidents.ref|2


This incident happened in two different series. The first massacre happened on 25 July, 1983 where 35 Tamil prisoners were attacked and killed by Sinhalese inmates. The second massacre happened two days later when Singhalese inmates killed another 18 Tamil detainees and 3 Prison deputies [http://brcslproject.gn.apc.org/slmonitor/october2000/mass.html] . The prison is shaped as a Cross-with four divisions- A, B, C and D. A3 B3 C3 and D3 were all on ground floor. B3, C3 and D3 all housed Tamil detainees and A3 had dangerous criminals who were almost all Sinhalese.

=Other prison massacres=

*Bindunuwewa prison massacre
*Kalutara prison massacre

ee also

*Black July
*Ethnic problem in Sri Lanka
*State terrorism in Sri Lanka


* [http://www.dailynews.lk/2004/03/30/new14.html No one has been convicted yet of these crimes 2004 report]

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