Free Press (publisher)

Free Press (publisher)

Free Press is an American publisher and imprint of Simon & Schuster that has been in business for over fifty years. It was headquartered in Glencoe, Illinois, until mid-1960s, where it was known as "The Free Press of Glencoe". Well known for publishing serious non-fiction, before 2001 the Free Press specialized in politically conservative works. Its focus has broadened since Simon & Schuster acquired it. [cite web | url = | title= A Publisher Is Appointed at the Free Press | publisher = The New York Times | date = 2001-04-09 | accessdate = 2007-11-16 ]

Notable books

*cite book |author=Ayaan Hirsi Ali |title=Infidel |publisher=Free Press |location=New York |year= |pages= |isbn=0743289684 |oclc= |doi= | authorlink = Ayaan Hirsi Ali
*cite book |author=Behe, Michael J. |title= |publisher=Free Press |location=New York |year= |pages= |isbn=0-743-29620-6 |oclc= |doi= | authorlink = Michael Behe
*cite book |author=Behe, Michael J. |title= |publisher=The Free Press |location=New York |year=1996 |pages= |isbn=0-684-82754-9 |oclc= |doi=| authorlink = Michael Behe
*cite book |author=Draper, Robert |title= |publisher=Free Press |location=New York |year= |pages= |isbn=0-7432-7728-7 |oclc= |doi= | authorlink = Robert Draper
*cite book |author=Fukuyama, Francis |title=The End of History and the Last Man |publisher=Free Press |location=New York |year=1992 |pages= |isbn=0-02-910975-2 |oclc= |doi=| authorlink = Francis Fukuyama
*cite book |author= Herrnstein, Richard J. & Murray, Charles Augustus |title= |publisher=Free Press |location=New York |year=1994 |pages= |isbn=0-02-914673-9 |oclc= |doi=
*cite book |author=Lind, Michael |title= |publisher=Free Press Paperbacks |location=New York, NY |year=1996 |pages= |isbn=0-684-82503-1 |oclc= |doi= | authorlink = Michael Lind
*cite book |title=Union Democracy |publisher=Free Press |location=New York |year= |pages= |isbn=0029192102 |oclc= |doi=| author = Lipset, S.M., Trow, M. & Coleman, J.S.
*cite book |author=Mezrich, Ben |title=Bringing Down the House |publisher=Free Press |location=New York |year=2003 |pages= |isbn=0-7432-4999-2 |oclc= |doi=| authorlink = Ben Mezrich
*cite book |author=Ruddy, Christopher |title= |publisher=Free Press |location=New York |year=1997 |pages= |isbn=0-684-83837-0 |oclc= |doi=| authorlink = Christopher Ruddy


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* [ Free Press homepage] at Simon & Schuster
* [ List of Free Press titles]

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