Heat wave (disambiguation)

Heat wave (disambiguation)

Heat wave may mean:
*Heat wave, a prolonged period of unusually hot weather
*Heat Wave (comics), a fictional supervillain from the DC universe
*"The House Across the Lake", a 1954 film released as "Heat Wave" in the United States
*"ECW Heat Wave", a pay-per-view event produced by the now-defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling
*"Heat Wave" (album), an album released in 1963 by the Motown girl group Martha and the Vandellas
**"(Love is Like a) Heat Wave", a song released as a single in July of 1963, on the album "Heat Wave" in September of 1963, and later covered by various artists

*"Heat Wave (song)", a popular standard released by Irving Berlin in 1933

Heatwave may mean:
*"Heatwave" (magazine), a short-lived anarchist magazine produced in London in the 1960s by Charles Radcliffe
*Heatwave (festival), a rock music festival held in 1980 at Mosport, near Toronto, Canada
*Heatwave (band), a 1970s funk group
*Heatwave (comics), a comic book character produced by Top Cow Productions and member of the superhero team Cyberforce
* "Heatwave" (album), an album by Univers Zero

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