The AN/AAQ-26 is a second generation infrared detection set manufactured by Raytheon. The infrared detecting set is a high-performance multipurpose thermal imaging sensor, providing long-range navigation, surveillance, and fire control capabilities.

The AAQ-26 features a second-generation focal plane array, electronic image stabilization, local area processing, and an adaptable interface. Additional features include a dual mode video tracker, a 1553 data bus or discrete controls, and multiple fields of view. Because the system passively detects energy in the far infrared (heat) wavelengths, it avoids the disadvantages of active sensors, such as night vision or radar, minimizing the amount of detectable energy emitted by the aircraft.

The system replaced the AN/AAQ-17 and is deployed on the AC-130H and the AC-130U gunships; it is designed to support a wide variety of platforms and missions.


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