Customized Girl

Customized Girl

Customized Girl is an online retailer of customizable clothing based out of Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in personalized clothing targeted at young, fashion-knowledgeable teenage girls.

The company was developed under the umbrella of its parent company, E Retailing Associates LLC, over the last 15 years from its original entity, LA Sports Apparel, which specialized in customized jerseys and apparel for local schools and teams and counted The Ohio State University as one of its major clients, into its current form as an online customized clothing retailer. It went through several forms and business models before settling on its final form as an online personalized female clothing retailer after realizing that as our society and economy have progressed from streamlined goods to more individualized goods, the clothing industry lagged behind. In 2002, after providing t-shirts for many fraternities and sororities on many college campuses, the company recognized the increasing demand for more than just personalied sorority shirts. Thus, to meet that demand, the Customized Girl clothing line and website, were launched.

Customized Girl's research and development has allowed it to progress with the technology of the industry from early screen printing and embroidering methods to its current catalog of techniques, including the latest advancements in screen printing and embroidering and other print on demand technology. As the industry has developed, the company has updated its business model to allow each customer to individually design and personalize articles of clothing from their own computer.

Since the launch of the Customized Girl clothing line and website in 2002, the company has experienced growth by focusing on providing customizable clothes over the internet. It has launched and 14 other websites to service other markets, but has continued to offer its core goods with a customer-first philosophy.

Customized Girl has been featured in multiple publications and television segments including, KUTV Channel 2, Salt Lake City, "Fresh Ideas" in August 2005, San Antonio Living, "Producer Pick" in June 2005, NY Hitch in January 2005, City Link Magazine in October 2004, Cargo Magazine in August 2004, and several others, including an upcoming feature in US magazine. in 2006 sold to its 1,000,000th customer. It is a privately owned company that employs over 20 full time employees at its Columbus office and manufacturing facility.

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