1993 in aviation

1993 in aviation

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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1993:


* The 1,000th Boeing 747 comes off the production line 26 years after the first 747 was built.

* the last F-86 Sabre (a Bolivian Air Force machine) is withdrawn from service amongst the world's air forces
* February 10 - McDonnell Douglas produces its 10,000th aircraft
* February 27 - The USAF begins supply drops into Bosnia

* General Dynamics sells the rights to the F-16 Fighting Falcon to Lockheed
* March 15 - Iranian Air Force bombers attack a hospital in Raniya, Iraq.
* March 24 - South Africa abandons its nuclear weapons programme. President de Klerk announces that the country's six warheads had already been dismantled in 1990.

* April 1 - Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom reviews 70 Royal Air Force aircraft on the ground in celebration of the air force's 75th anniversary. A mass flypast is cancelled due to poor weather.
* April 9 - USAF aircraft attack and destroy an Iraqi anti-aircraft battery
* April 18 - USAF aircraft attack and destroy an Iraqi radar station

* August 11-14 - two B-1 Lancers complete a round-the-world trip in 47 hours.
* August 19 - USAF aircraft are attacked by Surface-to-air missiles over northern Iraq. The launch site is destroyed in retaliation
* August 23 - the Russian Air Force flies open skies missions over Luftwaffe bases

* September 17 - the F/A-18 Hornet logs its 2 millionth flying hour - achieved in only ten years of operations.

First flights

* March 11 - Airbus A321

* April 2 - Fokker F70

* July 10 - Bell Eagle Eye

* December 18 - Sukhoi Su-34
* December 21 - Cessna Citation X

Entered service

* July 14 - C-17 Globemaster III

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