1950 in aviation

1950 in aviation

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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1950:


* Arrow Air is founded


* March 20 - Royal Air Force Avro Lincoln bombers are sent to Singapore to be used against the Communist guerillas of Malaya in the Malayan Emergency.


* April 8 - Soviet Lavochkin La-11 shoots down an American PB4Y Privateer over the Baltic Sea with all 10 crew lost.


* June 1 - BEA commences the first regular passenger service to be flown by helicopter, between Liverpool and Cardiff.
* June 25 - "Korean War breaks out"
* June 25 - the USAF begins evacuating US citizens from South Korea
* June 27 - A USAF F-82 Twin Mustang shoots down a North Korean Air Force Yak-9, the first air-to-air kill of the Korean War.
* June 27 - USAF B-29 Superfortresses of the 19th Bombardment Group attack Seoul railway station and the bridge over the Han River in the first strategic bombing mission of the war.
* June 28 - USAF B-26 Invaders fly the first strike mission into North Korea.
* June 30 - P-51 Mustangs of No. 77 Squadron RAAF are sent to Korea as part of Australia's contribution to the war.


* July 3 - F9F Panthers of VF-51 flying from USS "Valley Forge" become the first US jet fighters to go into combat. A North Korean Yak-9 is shot down.
* July 3 - Supermarine Seafires of 800 Naval Air Squadron and Fairey Fireflys of No, 827 Sqn from HMS "Triumph" fly the first non-US sortie over Korea.
* July 23 - aircraft carrier USS "Boxer" crosses the Pacific Ocean in record time, from Alameda, California to Yokosuka in 8 days 16 hours.
* July 25 - Middle East airlines M.E.A- "Dakota" aircraft was on its way from Jerusalem to Beirut when an Israeli military aircraft opened fire at the Lebanese-Israeli borders. The radio operator "Antoine wazir" on the "Dakota" plane was hit by a deadly bullet while sitting on his chair near the pilot.
* July 29 - a BEA Vickers Viscount makes the first turboprop-powered passenger flight.


* August 3 - United States Marine Corps air operations over Korea commence, with VMF-214 flying strike missions from USS "Sicily"
* August 27 - P-51 Mustangs of No. 2 Squadron SAAF are sent to Korea as part of South Africa's contribution to the war.


* September 4 - Cpt Robert Wayne becomes the first pilot to be rescued from behind enemy lines by a helicopter.
* September 15 - Task Force 7, centred on five US Navy carriers and one of the Royal Navy, supports the USMC assault on Green Beach, paving the way for the Inchon landing.
* September 22 - Col David Schilling makes the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic in a jet fighter, a F-84 Thunderjet.


* Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15s from the 29th Fighter Aviation Regiment are supplied to support the North Korean Air Force. They are flown by Soviet and Chinese pilots.
* October 1 - the Royal Danish Air Force is re-established
* October 20 - US paratroops are used to cut off supplies from Pyongyang


* November 7 - BOAC retires its last flying boat airliner from service.
* November 8 - 1Lt Russell Brown shoots down a MiG-15 from his F-80 Shooting Star, the first victory by a jet over another jet.


* December 6 - C-47 Dakotas of 13 Flight Royal Hellenic Air Force evacuate US casualties from the Chonjin Reservoir.
* December 9 - RAAF Gloster Meteors replace the P-51s of 77 Sqn. in Korea
* December 17 - the F-86 Sabre begins operations in Korea

First flights

* January 13 - Mikoyan-Gurevich I-330, prototype of the MiG-17
* January 19 - Avro Canada CF-100 "RCAF 18101"
* January 24 - North American YF-93

* March 26 - XA2D Skyshark

* April 4 - Jodel D11 "F-BBBF"
* April 30 - SNCASE Grognard

* May 5 - Scottish Aviation Prestwick Pioneer prototype "G-AKBF"
* May 10 - de Havilland Heron "G-ALZL"

* June 16 - FMA IAe 33 Pulqui II
* June 19 - Hawker P.1081 "VX279"

* October 10 - Boulton Paul P.111 "VT935"

Entered service

* July 29 - Vickers Viscount with BEA

* August 6 - Handley Page Hermes with BOAC

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