1921 in aviation

1921 in aviation

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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1921:


* Bessie Coleman attends flying school in France and became the first licensed African-American female pilot.
* Mexicana de Aviacion begins service.


* Boeing wins a $1,448,000 contract to build 200 Thomas-Morse MB-3 fighters for the US Army, allowing the company to abandon furniture-making.
* June 8 - the US Army carries out the first experiments in cabin pressurisation, using a de Havilland DH.4.
* June 13 - the US Army and Navy begin trials in Chesapeake Bay to test the effectiveness of aircraft in attacking ships. The captured German destroyer "G-102", light cruiser "Frankfurt" and battleship "Ostfriesland" will all be successfully sunk by aerial bombing.


* Douglas Aircraft Company founded.


* August 11 - Schneider Trophy race flown at Venice, Italy. In an all-Italian field, Giovanni De Briganti won the race in a Macchi M-7. Speed 189.7 km/h (117.9 mph).
* August 24 - British Airship R-38 breaks up over Hull, Yorkshire during trials, killing 44 people.


* September 19 - the first regular scheduled airline service in Latin America commences, with Colombian airline SCADTA operating float-equipped Junkers F.13s between Barranquilla and Girandot.


* The RAF takes over from the British Army in assuming policing duties in Iraq
* October 15 - the Spanish airline "Compania Española de Trafico Aereo" is established - it will eventually form part of Iberia Airlines.


* The 6th "Salon d'Aeronautique" is held in Paris. The Breguet 19 is unveiled.
* November 5 - Curtiss test pilot Bert Acosta wins the Pulitzer Trophy in a Curtiss CR-2 and establishes a new closed-circuit airspeed record of 284.36 km/h (176.7 mph).


* December 5 - The first regular air services in Australia commence, with West Australian Airways.

First flights


* Fairey Pintail
* April 19 - Short Cromarty flying boat


* Boeing GA-1


* June 16 - Blériot-SPAD S.46
* June 21 - Bristol Ten-seater


* 16 July - Avro 552

Entered service

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