List of Russian superheroes

List of Russian superheroes

This list will attempt to chronicle "Russian" superheroes, many of which will hail from the Russian Federation, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. And quite a few will be anachronisms, throwbacks to the "bad old days" of the Cold War and the Soviet Union.

When it comes to fiction actually composed and written under the pall of Communism, a broader stroke will be taken with the definition of heroes and superheroes.

Artful Salamander

* Octobriana (Revolution Comics) []

DC Comics

* Anatole (Former member of Red Trinity, ally of The Flash runs Kapitalist Kouriers in the US) []
* Bebeck (Former member of Red Trinity, ally of The Flash, employee of Kapitalist Kouriers)
* Bolshoi (Martial artist and dancer, Former member of the People's Heroes)
* Cassiopea (Former member of Red Trinity, ally of The Flash, employee of Kapitalist Kouriers)
* Cossack (One of the Batmen of Many Nations from Kingdom Come}
* Creote (An ally of the Birds of Prey)
* Fireball (Sonya Chuikov, member of the Young Allies)
* Firebird (Serafina Arkadina, telepath and leader of Soyuz, a group of teen heroes, niece of Pozhar) []
* Fusion (Three men known only as One, Two and Three could combine their bodies into a single superior form, from The Outsiders vol. 1 #23-24)
* Hammer (Super strong metahuman, member of the People's Heroes, husband of Sickle) []
* Molotov (Explosives expert and explosive metahuman, member of the People's Heroes)
* Morozko (Igor Medviedenko, cryokinetic member of Soyuz)
* Perun (lya Trepilov, electrokinetic member of Soyuz)
* Pozhar (Russian hero who was once bonded to Firestorm, former Rocket Red recruited by the Red Shadows) []
* Pravda (telepathic member of the Peoples Heroes)
* Proletariat (Boris Mikhail Dhomov, soviet supersoldier created during World War II. Flash vol.2 #51) []
* Red Star (Leonid Konstantinovitch Kovar, ally of the Teen Titans) []
* a Russian Superman raised as a Stalinist
* Rocket Red Brigade (protect the Russian Federation)
* Rusalka (Mashenka Medviedenko, hydrokinetic member of Soyuz)
* Anya Savenlovich (former Green Lantern)
* Sickle (Super strong metahuman, member of the People's Heroes wife of Hammer)
* Stalnoivolk (Super strength, damage reduction, leaping, Member of the Red Shadows)
* Tundra (Member of the Global Guardians)
* Valentina Vostok (Formerly Negative Woman of the Doom Patrol)
* Vikhor (Feodor Piotrovich Sorin, member of Soyuz. Vikhor can spin about while reducing his specific gravity. Thus he can create a whirlwind and float in the center of it.)

Wildstorm (ABC/Homage)

* Void I (Adrianna Tereshkova of WildC.A.T.S.)
* Void II (Nikola Hanssen of WildC.A.T.S.)
* Winter (Nikolas Andreyvitch Kamarov a member of Stormwatch)

Marvel Comics

* Airstrike (Dmitri Bukharin, Member of the People's Protectorate) ['s_Protectorate]
* Black Widow I (Natasha Romanoff of the Avengers)
* Black Widow II (Yelena Belova, deceased)
* Blind Faith (Alexi Garnoff, leader of the of Russian Exiles and underground group of Mutants. He created the Underground Mutant Safe System. Lost his powers during the Decimation.) [] [] []
* Bora (Mutant who could create intense cold, Lost her powers after M-Day)
* Colossus (Peter Rasputin of the X-Men)
* Concussion ( Mikhail, a mutant from the Russian Exiles, deceased)
* Crimson Dynamo I (Professor Anton Vanko, deceased)
* Crimson Dynamo II (Boris Turgenev, deceased)
* Crimson Dynamo III (Alex Nevsky, deceased)
* Crimson Dynamo IV (Yuri Petrovich, exiled to Siberia)
* Crimson Dynamo V (Dmitri Bukharin, now known as Airstrike)
* Crimson Dynamo VI (Colonel-General Valentin Shatalov , worked for the Red Skull)
* Crimson Dynamo VII (unknown)
* Crimson Dynamo VIII (Gennady Gavrilov, possibly retired)
* Crimson Dynamo IX (unknown)
* Darkstar (Member of the Winter Guard; former member of the Soviet Super-Soldiers)
* Doctor Volkh (Vladimir Orekhov, stretching powers, leader of the Russian Fantastic Four known as the Bogatyri) []
* Epsilon Red (Ivanov is a genetically-engineered cosmonaut with powerful psychic abilities. He restored Wolverine's memories. Ivanov is a Russian Super-Soldier)
* Fantasma (Member of the People's Protectorate)
* Gregor Smerdyakov (mutant who becomes a sentient tree)
* Gremlin (formerly of the Soviet Super Soldiers, deceased)
* Illyana Rasputin (formerly Magik, deceased)
* Iron Curtain (Simas, a mutant from the Russian Exiles, deceased)
* It, the Living Colossus (Created by a Russian sculptor named Boris Petrovski)
* Katyusha (One of the First Line, deceased)
* Mentac (Mutant from the Russian Exiles, possessed a fifth-level brain capable of computer-like analysis, deceased) []
* Mikula (Mikula Golubev, Mutant telepath and telekinetic, member of the Bogatyri)
* Mindsinger (one of the Young Gods)
* Morning Star (Marya Meshkov, flight and heat powers, former member of the Bogatyri)
* October Guard (The Russian counterparts of G.I. Joe)
* Omega Red (Product of the Russian response to Canada's Weapon X Program which yielded Wolverine)
* Perun (Member of the People's Protectorate)
* Presence - (A Russian nuclear physicist)
* Red Guardian I (WWII hero)
* Red Guardian II (Alexei Alanovich Shostakov, former husband of Natasha Romanoff the Black Widow. Faked his own death.)
* Red Guardian III (Dr. Tania Belinsky, now mutated into the being known as Starlight)
* Red Guardian IV (Josef Petkus, now calls himself Steel Guardian as a member of the Winter Guard)
* Red Guardian V (Krassno Granitsky, ally of Maverick)
* Red Guardian VI (deceased)
* Sibercat (Member the Winter Guard, formerly of the Russian Exiles)
* Stencil (A mutant from the Russian Exiles) []
* Starlight (see Red Guardian)
* Steel Guardian (Josef Petkus, member of the Winter Guard)
* Svyatogor (Sasha Pokryshkin, superhuman strength, member of the Bogatyri)
* Synthesizer (Zoya Vasilievna and Arkady Tegai ar two Mutates who merge to become Synthesizer.) []
* Ursa Major (Member of the Winter Guard, formerly with Soviet Super Soldiers)
* Vanguard (Member of the Winter Guard, brother of Darkstar)
* Vostok (Member of the People's Protectorate)


* Molniya ("Lightning" from Wild Cards)

New Universe

* Stacey Inyushin (A member of Psi-Force with healing powers) []
* Crasniye Solleetsi (Red Sun), a team of Russian paranormals.

mall Press


* Nikolai Dante (Thief and adventurer, bonded with a techno-organic device called a Weapons Crest.) []


* Tanya (A member of War Nurse's Girl Commandos) []


* Animus Prime (Bar Sinister) []
* Maya Antares (sorceress from world of the Red Star) []

Love and Rockets

* Comrade 7 (A heroine with a fan club) []


*Mother Russia (UNForce)


* Aelita (from the "Aelita" novel by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy)
* Anton Gorodetsky (A Light Mage from the "World of Watches" tetralogy by Sergey Lukyanenko which begins with Night Watch)
* D-503 (protagonist of Yevgeny Zamyatin's dystopian novel We)
* Kris Kelvin (from the novel Solaris by Polish Sci-Fi writer Stanislaw Lem)
* Space Pilot Pirx (from the Tales of Pirx the Pilot by Stanislaw Lem)


* Ilioukhine (Seigi Choujin from Russia, Kinnikuman)
* Linka (Planeteer from Russia, Captain Planet)
* Red Star (Teen Titans TV)
* Rocket Red (Justice League Unlimited)
* Molotov Cocktease (Venture Bros)
* The Warsman (Seigi Choujin from Russia, Kinnikuman)


* Aelita (in the 1924 silent movie based on the book by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy)
* Anton Gorodetsky (from the 2004 film Night Watch and Day Watch)
* Kris Kelvin (hero of the 1972 film Solaris based on a novel by Stanislaw Lem)
* Stalker (from the 1979 film Stalker based on the book Roadside Picnic)

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