Vista usually refers to a distant view.

Vista may also refer to:


*Windows Vista, the version of the Microsoft Windows client operating system released in 2006
*AltaVista, an Internet search engine popular in the nineties
*Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA), an electronic medical records system used by healthcare facilities of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and others
*Vista Transformation Pack, software created by Windows X to transform Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 into Windows Vista-based graphical interface
*WebCT Vista, a learning management system from Blackboard Inc.
*Vista and VistaPro, Amiga 3D landscape generation software

Organizations and institutions

*BadVista, an FSF-initiated campaign against Windows Vista
*Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority, a public transportation agency in Ventura County, California, USA
*Vista Community College, now Berkeley City College, a community college in Berkeley, California, USA
*Vista Federal Credit Union, now merged with Partners Federal Credit Union, a credit union that serves employees of The Walt Disney Company
*Vista University, a now-closed South African university
*Volunteers in Service to America


*Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil
*Buona Vista, Singapore
*Chula Vista, California, USA
*La Vista, Nebraska, USA
*Lake Buena Vista, Florida, home to Walt Disney World Resort
*Mount Vista, Washington, USA
*Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA
*Vista, California, USA
*Vista Center, New Jersey, USA
*Vista Hundred, Sweden
*Vista, Missouri, USA
*Vista, New Mexico, USA
*Vista, New York, USA
*Vista, North Carolina, USA
*Vista, South Australia, Australia
*Vista, Texas, USA
*Vista, Utah, USA
*Vista, Washington, USA
*Vista West, Wyoming, USA


*Natalia Boa Vista, a character in


*Eagle Vista, a rebadged Mitsubishi Mirage sold under the Eagle brand from 1988-1992
*F-16 VISTA, a variant of the Lockheed-Martin F-16 fighter aircraft range with thrust vector control (TVC)
*Mitsubishi Chariot, also known as Dodge / Plymouth Colt Vista Wagon, a compact MPV licensed from Mitsubishi
*Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, a station wagon produced by Oldsmobile until 1977
*Thomas Vista, a school bus produced by Thomas Built Buses until 1998
*Toyota Vista, a passenger car produced by Toyota until 2003


*VISTA (economics), Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, Argentina as a group of emerging economies
*Vista (Middle-earth), a part of the atmosphere that surrounds the world of Arda in the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien
*VISTA (telescope), Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy
*Vista, the annual management festival of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
*VistaVision, a 35mm motion picture film format

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