List of hollows in Bleach

List of hollows in Bleach

This is a list of characters in the anime and manga series "Bleach" who are are the ten strongest arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army. They are ranked in order of their strength. The members are listed according to their known rank. The first three hold the top three ranks although their specific ranks haven't been revealed, and as such are listed in order of introduction.



is the sixth Espada, signified by the "6" tattooed to his back. His name stems from that of an architect named Nicholas Grimshaw. Grimmjow is very disrespectful, never using honorifics and having little respect for authority figures. He is often openly insulting to such people save for Sōsuke Aizen, and even this respect is quickly abandoned when Aizen is out of earshot. Grimmjow has an overly violent lust for battle, always seeking out the strongest opponent in a given area. He is confident in his abilities, believing himself to be equal, or even stronger than the fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer. ["Bleach" manga, Chapter 278, pages 8 & 9] Though he shows little regard for his allies or anyone who would get in his way, Grimmjow has some sense of honor; he rescues Orihime from two arrancar torturing her in return for healing his arm, and first has Ichigo's wounds healed before their final rematch. ["Bleach" manga; chapter 279, pages 18 & 19.] Grimmjow hates being looked down on, becoming infuriated beyond consolation when he feels that someone does so and has stated that he will readily crush anyone who looks down on him, be it friend or foe. The remains of his hollow mask consist of the right jawbone, and his hollow hole is located on his abdomen.

Before becoming an arrancar, Grimmjow was a panther-like adjuchas-class menos who wandered Hueco Mundo. He eventually met and led a group of other hollows in their mutual quest for power. As time passed and Grimmjow became the only one who grew stronger, he ate pieces of the others' flesh so that their evolution would not regress and so he could become even stronger. These hollows later became his fracciòn. When his "zanpakutō", from his fingertips.



is more goofy when compared to other Espada, being similar to Don Kanonji. He is much more serious in battle, however. During his battle with Ichigo Kurosaki, Dordonii tries to goad Ichigo into using his bankai and hollow mask, hoping to earn his former position back by defeating Ichigo at full power. He is defeated once Ichigo complies, and thanks Ichigo for the favor by fighting against the Exequias to buy Ichigo time to escape. He is implied to have been killed by the Exequias. Dordonii's "zanpakutō", nihongo|"Giralda"|暴風男爵(ヒラルダ)|Hiraruda|referring to Giralda, Japanese for "storm baron", is released with the command nihongo|"whirl"|旋れ|maware. In his released state, Dordonii grows armor that starts at his feet, wraps around his calves, and juts out at his waist with two more spikes. While released, two enormous cyclones come from exhaust spouts on the armor covering his legs, which keeps him hovering in the air and add extra force to his kicks. In addition, two beak-like extensions jut out from these cyclones, which are used to execute long-range strikes, though Dordonii is also capable of manifesting many more if the need arises.

Cirucci Thunderwitch


nihongo|Cirucci Thunderwitch|チルッチ・サンダーウィッチ|Chiruchi Sandāwicchi has an unusual sense of style; her outfit consists of a frilly dress, large poofy sleeves that cut off at her shoulder, short purple-colored hair, teardrop markings on each cheek, and knee-high boots. The remains of her hollow mask are positioned in her hair right above the left side of her forehead and resemble a spiked hairpin. Despite her rather odd appearance, she has no qualms about pointing out when others have similar fashion, as she does to Uryū Ishida. After Uryū defeats her, she is implied to have been killed by the Exequias. Cirucci's "zanpakutō", nihongo|"Golondrina"|車輪鉄燕(ゴロンドリーナ)|Gorondorīna|Spanish for "swallow", Japanese for "wheeled steel swallow", takes the form of a whip with a large, spinning, Yo-Yo like disk looped into it. When released with the command nihongo|"rip off"|掻っ切れ|kakkire, Cirucci sprouts large wings with ten moon-shaped blades in place of feathers. These blades vibrate at a high frequency, making an audible humming noise in the anime. Cirucci can remove these blades and fire them through the air or summon them back at her own will. Her arms also become long and she gains sharp claws on each hand, and she forms a long, thick tail. Her released state rapidly consumes her spiritual energy, but she can get around this problem by ripping off her wings and long claws, instead fighting with an energy blade at the tip of her tail.

Gantenbainne Mosqueda


nihongo|Gantenbainne Mosqueda|ガンテンバイン・モスケーダ|Gantenbain Mosukēda has an afro-style haircut with thick sideburns and a goatee. The remains of his hollow mask are a sunglasses-shaped plate on his forehead with four teeth coming out above each eye. After he is defeated by Yasutora Sado, Gantenbainne is spared in thanks for fighting with all of his strength. As Chad leaves, Gantenbainne warns him of an approaching Nnoitra Jiruga who easily silences him with one hit. After Chad is also defeated, both he and Gantenbainne are found by the Exequias. Retsu Unohana intervenes before they can be killed and heals their wounds. Gantenbainne's "zanpakutō", nihongo|"Dragra"|龍拳(ドラグラ)|Doragura|Japanese for "dragon fist", takes the form of a pair of two-pronged punching daggers attached to Gantenbainne's wrists by hinges. In its released state, Gantenbainne's arms grow longer and become covered in dome-shaped armor plates, and the punching daggers come to resemble dragon heads. Similar plates also extend down his back and form a tail. He pulls his mask fragment over his eyes at certain points in combat. When attacking, he can shoot various blasts from his fists. His strongest attack involves him gathering and concentrating energy from his tail tip to his fists and firing a large blast. Dragra does not appear to have a release command; Gantenbainne simply releases it by saying its name.


The following are those arrancar that have never received a position as an Espada. Most are nihongo|Números|数字持ち(ヌメロス)|Numerosu|Japanese for "number holders," Spanish for "numbers", foot soldiers sent to do Aizen's bidding or to fight alongside the Espada. Others are nihongo|Fracción|従属官(フラシオン)|Furashion|Japanese for "subordinate officers," Spanish for "fraction", subordinates that directly serve a specific Espada.

Grand Fisher


nihongo|Grand Fisher|グランドフィッシャー|Gurando Fisshā is, when first introduced, a hollow that has evaded the Soul Reapers for over fifty years. During this timeframe he killed Masaki Kurosaki in her efforts to protect her son, Ichigo Kurosaki. Grand Fisher's hollow form resembles that of a giant hamster with bird-like hands and feet. A "lure" (similar to those of angler fish) hangs from his forehead, which can take the form of anyone he wishes. He typically uses this ability to lure spiritually aware people into his grasp, making them easy meals (hence his name). In battle the lure can be used to take the form of someone close to the opponent, keeping them from attacking him. This lure also serves as a second body in case his larger one is wounded and needs to recuperate. After Ichigo is able to defeat Grand Fisher in battle he is converted into an imperfect arrancar, giving his hollow-form a more humanoid appearance. He carries a large "zanpakutō" on his back, which when released transforms him into a huge, monstrous creature with bull-like horns. When he tries to use this form to have a rematch with Ichigo, he is killed by Ichigo's father, Isshin Kurosaki.



nihongo|Rudobone|ルドボーン|Rudobōn is the leader of the nihongo|Exequias|葬討部隊(エクセキアス)|Ekusekiasu|Japanese for "funerary attacking force," Spanish for "funeral rites", a group responsible for dealing with rebels and intruders in Las Noches. Unlike most arrancar, his face is hidden. He carries a "zanpakutō", but its name and released state have not been revealed. He and his subordinates clean up after each battle, collecting data for Szayel Aporro Grantz before killing any survivors: they kill two of the three Privaron Espada off screen for failing to beat their opponents, and prepare to do the same with the third before being stopped by Retsu Unohana. Surprised by the arrival of a Soul Reaper captain, Rudobone and the rest of the Exequias withdraw in order to avoid conflict. Later he and the rest of the Exequias attempt to bar the progress of Ichigo, but they are intercepted by attacks from Ichigo's comrades.

hawlong Qufang


nihongo|Shawlong Qufang|シャウロン・クーファン|Shauron Kūfan is an intellectual, or at least an analyst, able to confidently state the nature of his opponent's powers. What remains of his mask is on the top of his head, but a portion drops down covering part of his face. Before becoming arrancar, Shawlong was a member of a group led by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques that scoured Hueco Mundo in search of power. When Grimmjow eventually became the only one who continued to gain strength, Shawlong and the others offered themselves to Grimmjow so he would get stronger and so they would not regress. They worked for Grimmjow once he became an Espada, and in his service Shawlong is killed by Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Shawlong's "zanpakutō", nihongo|"Tijereta"|五鋏蟲(ティヘレタ)|Tihereta|Spanish for "earwig," Japanese for "five-pincered insect", is released with the command nihongo|"snip"|裁て|tate. When released, Shawlong grows armor covering his arms and upper chest with his hands transforming into long claws, his mask extends down to cover the left side of his face and his queue becomes a tail with claws.

Edorad Leones


nihongo|Edorad Leones|エドラド・リオネス|Edorado Rionesu| has a high amount of pride as an arrancar, as he is ashamed to draw his "zanpakutō" against an enemy. The remains of his hollow mask are merely the eye holes, which rest on his nose, and it essentially looks as if he wears unusual glasses. Despite his large, brutish appearance, he is a skilled tactician; he recognizes that Ikkaku Madarame fights him for sport, something he personally despises. Before becoming arrancar, Edorad and Shawlong Koufang were members of a group led by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques that scoured Hueco Mundo in search of power. They worked for Grimmjow once he became an Espada, and in his service Edorad is killed by Ikkaku. Edorad's "zanpakutō", nihongo|"Volcánica"|火山獣(ボルカニカ)|Borukanika|Spanish for "volcanic," Japanese for "volcanic beast", is released with the command nihongo|"erupt"|熾きろ|okiro. When Volcanica is released, his mask disappears and his arms are covered in what looks like volcanic rock, becoming much longer and wider in the process. An exhaust spout is located on each shoulder. He is able to shoot fire from his fists in this form.

Ilfort Grantz


nihongo|Ilfort Grantz|イールフォルト・グランツ|Īruforuto Gurantsu is the sarcastic, effeminate older brother of Szayel Aporro Grantz. What remains of his hollow mask is on the top of his head, and looks like a broken helmet. Before becoming an arrancar, Ilfort was a member of a group led by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques that scoured Hueco Mundo in search of power. They worked for Grimmjow once he became an Espada, and in his service Ilfort is killed by Renji Abarai. Ilforte's "zanpakutō", nihongo|"Del Toro"|蒼角王子(デルトロ)|Derutoro|Spanish for "of the bull," Japanese for "pale-horned prince", is released with the command nihongo|"skewer"|突き砕け|tsukikudake. When Del Toro is released, Ilfort's upper body enlarges and is covered in bull-like armor, while his mask seems to completely regenerate, giving him horns. In this form, he walks on four legs and uses his horns to skewer opponents.



nihongo|D-Roy|ディ・ロイ|Di Roi is the weakest of his group of arrancar. This has been the case since his days as a hollow, wherein part of his mask was eaten by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and his growth was brought to an end. His hollow mask remains are bulky and similar in shape to a hammerhead shark. The right-hand side of his mask is wrapped in bandages, which obscures his right eye and cover the damage he received from Grimmjow. Despite his history with Grimmjow, D-Roy worked for him when he became an Espada and in his service is killed by Rukia Kuchiki. He dies before he has a chance to release his "zanpakutō", or even draw it.



nihongo|Nakim|ナキーム|Nakīmu| is a fat, silent arrancar, his only significant speech being an answer to a question shortly before his death. The remains of his hollow mask cover the entire right side of his face. Before becoming arrancar, Nakim and Shawlong Koufang were members of a group led by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques that scoured Hueco Mundo in search of power. They worked for Grimmjow once he became an Espada, and in his service Nakim is killed by Rangiku Matsumoto. Very little of his battle is seen; at one point he is shown to have grown large enough to crush Matsumoto under his foot, though it is unclear if this was an effect of his "zanpakutō".

Wonderweiss Margera


nihongo|Wonderweiss Margera|ワンダーワイス・マルジェラ|Wandāwaisu Marujera is an Espada-level arrancar. ["Bleach" manga; chapter 231, pages 1, 3.] Wonderweiss is small, thin, and somewhat child-like. What is left of his hollow mask remains on top of his head, and resembles a tiara or small crown. Wonderweiss's personality is also child-like and even autistic; when sent on a mission to kill, he instead plays around with a dragonfly. He shows some hostility during this instance, firing a retaliatory "bala" energy blast toward Urahara at one point, but quickly reverts back to his regular state after doing so. He isn't able to speak clearly, only saying a few syllables at a time. Kaname Tōsen says that Wonderweiss, like himself, is a pure being (though he makes a point of wondering whether he is pure good or evil). He follows Tōsen everywhere when possible and is hostile to what he perceives as Tōsen's enemies ["Bleach" manga; chapter 250, page 15.] The name and released state of Wonderweiss's "zanpakutō" have not been revealed.

Pesche Guatiche


nihongo|Pesche Guatiche|ペッシェ・ガティーシェ|Pesshe Gatīshe is a fairly harmless, humanoid arrancar whose body is covered in a sort of light armor, complete with a mask resembling an insectoid head with a large pair of mandibles. His hollow hole is positioned near his stomach. He was once Nel Tu's Fracción, ["Bleach" manga; chapter 297, page 8.] but after his mask fragment was forcefully removed by Nnoitra Jiruga and Nel received amnesia, he accompanied her around Hueco Mundo to keep her safe. Years later, when Nel accompanies a group of humans, Pesche follows her into Las Noches. He starts following Uryū Ishida, having mistaken him for Ichigo Kurosaki, which upsets him because Uryū's appearance leads him to believe that he is the weakest of the group. Pesche possesses an ability he calls nihongo|"Infinite Slick"|無限の滑走(インフィナイト・スリック)|Infinaito Surikku|, ["Bleach" manga; chapter 256, page 17.] in which he sprays his saliva at an object, severely reducing its friction. Contrary to its name, it is of limited supply, "Finite Slick" having been an uninteresting name. He carries an energy sword he calls nihongo|"Ultima"|究極(ウルティマ)|Urutima|Spanish for "final," Japanese for "ultimate" inside his loincloth, but it is unclear if it is his "zanpakutō".

Dondochakka Bilstin


nihongo|Dondochakka Bilstin|ドンドチャッカ・ビルスタン|Dondochakka Birusutan is a large, spotted humanoid arrancar with a tiki mask and compound eyes. Despite his menacing appearance, he is prone to tear-filled outbursts at the slightest provocation, usually when he's worried about something. He frequently inserts the phrase nihongo|"don'tcha know"|ヤンス|yansu in his speech. He was once Nel Tu's Fracción, ["Bleach" manga; chapter 297, page 8.] but after his mask fragment was forcefully removed by Nnoitra Jiruga and Nel received amnesia, he accompanied her around Hueco Mundo to keep her safe. Years later, when Nel accompanies a group of humans, Dondochakka follows her into Las Noches. He starts following Renji Abarai, whom he frequently irritates with his clumsiness and emotional outbursts. Dondochakka possesses numerous insect spirits within his stomach (one being Bawabawa). He can spit these spirits out at will as allies in combat. In addition, he carries a kanabō inside his stomach, but it is unclear if this is his "zanpakutō".


* "Voiced by:" Yuichi Nakamura

nihongo|Tesla|テスラ|Tesura is the sole Fracción of Nnoitra Jiruga. He seems to idolize Nnoitra to some degree, shielding him from an attack despite receiving criticism for doing so. Tesla even wears an eyepatch over his right eye in honor of Nnoitra. The remains of his hollow mask appear to be a thin upper jaw which forms a circlet around his forehead. Tesla's "zanpakutō", nihongo|"Verruga"|牙鎧士(ベルーガ)|Berūga|Spanish for "wart," Japanese for "tusked armored warrior", is released with the command nihongo|"crush"|打ち伏せろ|uchifusero. In its sealed state a chakram is embedded above the hilt, which can be solidified to act as a shield. When released, Tesla becomes a large, warthog-like creature. His eyepatch disappears in this form, revealing a large scar over his right eye. His released state gives him superhuman strength but is apparently lacking in any sort of defense, as Kenpachi Zaraki delivers him a mortal blow in this state with no effort at all.

=Charlotte Cuuhlhourne = nihongo|Charlotte Cuuhlhourne|シャルロッテ・クールホーン|Sharurotte Kūruhōn considers himself Barragan's best fracción. Charlotte's mannerisms and dress border on those of a stereotypical drag queen. He has long, wavy black hair and wears clothes with feminine motifs. His mask is the shape of a tiara with horns. ["Bleach" manga; chapter 319, page 13.] Charlotte believes beauty is derived from a person's heart and personality, leading the first part of his battle with Yumichika Ayasegawa to be little more than the two shouting insults at each other. Charlotte's "zanpakutō" is named nihongo|"Reina de Rosas"|宮廷薔薇園ノ美女王(レイナ・デ・ロサス)|Reina de Rosasu|Spanish for "queen of roses," Japanese for "beautiful queen of the palace rose garden". Its release command is nihongo|"sparkle"|煌めけ|kirameke. When released, he has a crown with horns, a buckler in the shape of a heart, underwear and crop-top with pads sticking out and has discs around his ankles and wrists. ["Bleach" manga; chapter 320, pages 18-19.] In his released form, he gains the ability to engulf himself and his opponent in black thorns, and a special attack which is called "Rosa Blanca" (spanish for White Rose) which makes the surrounding area dark and kills the opponent in a white flower where nobody can see them. He is defeated by Yumichika, who drains his energy and spares him. ["Bleach"manga, chapter 322, pages 06-07]

Abirama Redder

nihongo|Abirama Redder|アビラマ・レッダー|Abirama Reddā is another of Barragan's fracción; he is the one sent to deal with Izuru Kira. His overall appearance is reminiscent of a Native American Brave, having long black hair and tattoos which cover his upper body, and sleeves that cover his arms up to his elbows in place of the regular Arrancar outfit; the remnants of his mask form a bird-like helmet atop his head. He is extremely violent and impatient, with a personality similar to that of Kenpachi Zaraki. Before he engages his opponent he performs a "ritual" in which he screams all the things he is going to do to his opponent at the top of his lungs. He takes this very seriously and becomes infuriated when Kira refuses to participate. Abirama's "zanpakutō" is named nihongo|"Águila"|空戦鷲(アギラ)|Agira|Spanish for "eagle," Japanese for "sky battle eagle". Its release command is nihongo|"scalp"|頂を削れ|itadaki o kezure. ["Bleach" manga; chapter 320, pages 3-5.] When in released form, Abirama's head becomes similar to that of an eagle, his hands and feet become talons, and two wings appear on his back which constantly hurl large quantities of feathers at the enemy. These feathers are made of steel, allowing them to easily crush targets on which they fall, and regenerate rapidly after being tossed. ["Bleach" manga; chapeter 322, pages 16-18] He has an additional ability to split his wings into two pairs for increased maneuverability, triggered by slicing along his chest tattoos with his claws. ["Bleach" manga; chapter 322, pages 12-14.] Abirama's abilites prove to be a double-edged sword: his heavy wings are very susceptible to Izuru Kira's zanpakutō. Unable to move, he is beheaded by Kira. ["Bleach" manga; chapter 324, page 1.]

Findor Carias

nihongo|Findor Carias|フィンドール・キャリアス|Findōru Kyariasu is the thinnest of Barragan's fracción, and is sent to deal with Shūhei Hisagi. The remains of his hollow mask resemble a helmet, covering the entire top half of his head down to his nose, as well as his covering his chin with its lower jaw. He can use his mask to perform a seemingly unique technique: by chiseling off pieces of the mask, he is able to increase his strength. According to Findor himself, the strength increase he gains with each successive chiseling is roughly equal to the difference in power between the seats of a Soul Reaper division. With his mask unchiseled, he fights at the level of a fifth seat. ["Bleach"manga chapter 322, pages 10-15] Findor's "zanpakutō" is named nihongo|"Pinza Aguda"| 蟄刀流断(ピンサグーダ)|Pinsagūda|Spanish for "sharp pincer," Japanese for "crab sword cutting current" and is released by the command nihongo|"engrave the surface of the water"|水面に刻め|minamo ni kizame. It takes the form of claws (one large and one small) on his arms, resembling a fiddler crab in appearance, as well as armor that covers the right side of his body. In this form, Findor can emit powerful pressurized water streams from his larger claw. Findor attempts to flee after Shūhei destroys his larger claw but is killed.

nihongo|Pō|ポウ is the largest of Barragan's fracción, towering over even Sajin Komamura, the tallest Soul Reaper in the 13 Court Guards. The remains of Pō's mask form a two pronged chin piece that resembles a beard, and he has green triangular markings on either of his cheeks. He initially appears quiet and reverent, but becomes much more arrogant and defiant after beating Ikkaku Madarame to a pulp. He not only defeated Ikkaku, but also destroyed one of the four towers that supported the fake Karakura. Pō's "zanpakutō" appears to be similar to a kodachi or tantō, although its actual length is difficult to discern due to Pō's own massive size. It is called nihongo|"Calderón"|巨腕鯨(カルデロン)|Karuderon|Spanish for "pilot whale," Japanese for "whale arm." and is released with the command nihongo|"breathe"|気吹け|ibuke. When released, Pō's entire body begins to swell, and he balloons into a massive creature with the overall shape and structure of a blue whale, including blue whale grooves in his arms. He claims the true power of his already-strong punches is manifested in this form, though he becomes extremely lazy and overconfident when he uses it. After failing to smash his enemies, he attempts to launch a "cero" at them from out of his mouth, but, before he can finish, he is crushed beneath the massive sword of Captain Komamura's bankai.


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