Labour Party (Turkey)

Labour Party (Turkey)

, the name "Labour Party" was reinstalled, however keeping the abbreviation EMEP.

The foundation of EMEP was a result of the initiative started by the Turkish political cadres affiliated with the Albanian Party of Labour. The party defines its ideology as "scientific socialism", referring to Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey as the "illegal revolutionary party of the working class". EMEP presents itself, on the other hand, as "an open worker's party". Its ideological stance is in accord with the line of ICMLPO. In its programme, EMEP identifies its goal as creating a "Independent and Democratic Turkey".

The party publishes the daily "Evrensel" (Universal), identified as "daily worker's newspaper" and as "a main tool of propaganda, agitation, and organisation activities".

Electoral results

The party participated in 1999 General Elections, getting 51,756 votes, i.e. 0.17% of the total vote. At other elections, EMEP became a constituent party in coalitions formed mainly around DEHAP. At the 2007 General Elections the party gathered 26,574 votes i.e. 0.08%.

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* [ The Working Class Movement in Turkey and The Party of Labour] Presentation at the official website (March 2006)
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