Heshen, a powerful official of the Qianlong era was of the Niohuru clan

The Niohuru or Niuhuru Clan (鈕祜祿氏; meaning "wolf" in the Manchu language) were a powerful Manchu clan belonging to the Plain Red Banner during the Qing dynasty in China. A shortened version of this surname of "Niu" can be commonly found in the modern day province of Jiangxi (in south central China) after the partial migration of this clan to that province in the early 19th century.

The mother of the Qianlong Emperor, Empress Xiaoshengxian came from the Niohuru clan. Heshen, the powerful official favorited by the Qianlong Emperor came from this clan.

Empress Xiaoquancheng (孝全成皇后), empress of the Daoguang Emperor and biological mother of the Xianfeng Emperor, also came from this clan.

Empress Dowager Ci'an, the widow of the Xianfeng Emperor and co-regent of China during Tongzhi and Guangxu Emperors minorities, also came from this clan.

Two other powerful members of the clan were Eidu and Alechi, both of whom were Nurhaci's noblemen.

Niu Shi Zhong, a 20th-century watercolor artist also derives from this clan.

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