Cuisine of Lapland

Cuisine of Lapland

Lapland is shared by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, but its historic cuisine has individual traits. Traditionally, the cuisine of Lapland has been based on local materials, like fish, game, reindeer and berries. Because of climate the products of agriculture were rare, unlike in other parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Also milk was not much used. In eastern parts of Lapland reindeer herding became a way of life in the 19th century and, before that, people were hunters and fishers. These days reindeer is essential for Lappish cuisine, but game, fish and wild birds are also important.

Berries have been important food, because other kinds of vegetables were not available during the long winters. Nowadays berries are parts of delicate sauces and desserts. The most valued berry of Lapland is the cloudberry.

Smoking and drying has been used to preserve meat and fish.

These days the old food culture is partially mixed with new. Fast food restaurants in Lapland can have reindeer hamburger on their menus.

Lappish foods

*Sautéed reindeer
*Smoked fish
*Smoked reindeer

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