520s BC

520s BC


* 529 BCCambyses II started to rule. He is son of Cyrus II. He conquered Egypt and Cyprus.
* 528 BCGautama Buddha attained Enlightenment, and began his ministry.
* 527 BCPisistratus a tyrant of Athens dies: his son Hippias inherits his power.
* 526 BCPsammetichus III succeeds Amasis II as king of Egypt.
* 526 BCKing Liao of Wu ascends to power in the State of Wu in China during the Zhou Dynasty.
* 525 BCCambyses II, ruler of Persia, conquers Egypt, defeating Psammetichus III. This is considered the end of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, and the start of the Twenty-seventh Dynasty.
* c. 525 BC — Coins started to have an image on two sides.
* 522 BCSmerdis succeeds Cambyses II as ruler of Persia.
* 522 BCBabylon rebels against Persian rule.
* 521 BCDarius I succeeds Smerdis as ruler of Persia. He is son of a government official.
* 521 BC — The Babylonian rebellion against Persian rule is suppressed.
* 520 BCZhou dao wang becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty of China but dies before the end of the year.
* 520 BC — Cleomenes I succeeds Anaxandridas as king of Sparta. (approximate date).
* c. 520 BC — Kore, from Chios(?), is made. It is now at Acropolis Museum, Athens.
* 520 BC–510 BC — The Priam Painter makes Women at a fountain house, black-figure decoration on a hydria. It is now at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

ignificant people

*c. 520 BCMahavira


* 521 BCLeonidas I. King of Sparta
* 525 BCAeschylus, author of Greek tragedies (d. 456 BC)
* 522 BCPindar, Greek poet
* 520 BC — Panini, Hindu Indian grammarian (d. 460 BC)


*July, 529 BCCyrus the Great, ruler of ancient Persia
*527 BCMahavira, major Jain reformist (b. 599 BC)
*527 BC — Peisistratus, Athenian tyrant
*525 BCAnaximenes of Miletus, Greek philosopher (b. 585 BC)
*525 BCPsammetichus III, the last Pharaoh of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt
*522 BCCambyses II, ruler of ancient Persia (suicide)
*October, 521 BCSmerdis, ruler of ancient Persia

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