Breaking Pangaea

Breaking Pangaea

Breaking Pangaea was an emo/indie rock band from Philadelphia, PA. The band gained a small but passionate following from early 2000 to 2003, especially among college students.

The band released their debut EP and full length album on Florida's Undecided Records and released a follow up EP on Equal Vision Records.



The band was started by an 18-year-old Will Noon, who met Fred Mascherino at a concert of Mascherino's former band Brody. Noon and Mascherino decided to form a band, and when Mascherino brought in bassist Clint Stelfox the trio set to work. They played their first concert in January 2000, opening for The Movielife and Silent Majority. They then set out to create their first EP, entitled "Take Apart The Words", in September 2000. Undecided Records later decided they wanted to distribute the EP, which the band toured off of for a year on three self-booked tours.

In the fall of 2001, Breaking Pangaea released their debut album, "Cannon To A Whisper", with Undecided Records. Produced by Mike Fanuele and recorded in College Park, Maryland, the album was a hit with college students. At the peak of its popularity, it was #23 on the College Music Chart. The band spent about a year touring this album, setting off late 2001 and continuing well into 2002, opening for such acts as Recover, Coheed and Cambria, Hey Mercedes and Further Seems Forever.

On 6 May the following year, Breaking Pangaea recorded their next, and final, EP called "Phoenix". This time, however, it was recorded with Equal Vision Records. The album was recorded in Big Blue Meenie Studios, where such acts as Taking Back Sunday and Thursday have put their music onto CD. Mascherino later joined Taking Back Sunday as guitarist.

Having lost their lead singer and guitarist, Noon and Stelfox called it quits. Soon after, Noon was approached by ex-Taking Back Sunday members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper to join their new band Straylight Run. Eager to continue playing music, Noon accepted the offer.

Stelfox went on to play guitar for the Maryland based band, Zella Mayzell.

Breaking Pangaea played January 2004 at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, where Mascherino told the audience that it would not be their final show.

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