Division No. 2, Saskatchewan

Division No. 2, Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Census Divisions

Division No. 2, Saskatchewan, Canada, is one of the eighteen census divisions within the province, as defined by Statistics Canada. It is located in the south-southeastern part of the province, on the United States border. The most populous community in this division is Weyburn. According to the 2006 census, 20,363 people lived in this division. It has a land area of 16,859.18 km² (6,509.36 sq mi).


List of Rural Municipalities in Division No. 2

RM No. 6 Cambria
RM No. 7 Souris Valley
RM No. 8 Lake Alma
RM No. 9 Surprise Valley
RM No. 10 Happy Valley
RM No. 36 Cymri
RM No. 37 Lomond
RM No. 38 Laurier
RM No. 39 The Gap
RM No. 40 Bengough
RM No. 66 Griffin
RM No. 67 Weyburn
RM No. 68 Brokenshell
RM No. 69 Norton
RM No. 70 Key West
RM No. 96 Fillmore
RM No. 97 Wellington
RM No. 98 Scott
RM No. 99 Caledonia
RM No. 100 Elmsthorpe


Listing of Indian Reserves

  • Indian Reserve --Piapot Cree First Nation 75H


Major communities



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