HMS Mermaid

HMS Mermaid

Sixteen ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS "Mermaid" after the mermaid:

*HMS|Mermaid|1545|6 was a galley captured in 1545 and listed until 1563.
*HMS|Mermaid|1651|6 was a 24-gun ship launched in 1651, rebuilt as a 32-gun fifth rate in 1689, rebuilt again in 1707 and broken up in 1734.
*HMS|Mermaid|1692|6 was an 8-gun fireship captured in 1692 and burnt by accident in 1693.
*HMS "Mermaid" was to have been a 24-gun sixth rate. She was renamed HMS|Kennington|1736|6 in 1735 and launched in 1736.
*HMS "Mermaid" was a 54-gun fourth rate launched in 1708 as HMS|Ruby|1708|6. She was renamed HMS "Mermaid" in 1744 and was sold in 1748.
*HMS|Mermaid|1749|6 was a 24-gun sixth rate frigate launched in 1749 and wrecked in 1760.
*HMS|Mermaid|1761|6 was a 28-gun sixth rate frigate launched in 1761 and wrecked during combat in 1778.
*HMS|Mermaid|1782|6 was a 32-gun fifth rate frigate launched in 1782 and broken up in 1815.
*HMS|Mermaid|1798|6 was a 1-gun gunvessel purchased in 1798 and sold in 1800.
*HMS|Mermaid|1817|6 was a survey cutter purchased in 1817. She ran aground in 1820 and was sold in 1823.
*HMS|Mermaid|1825|6 was a 46-gun fifth rate frigate launched in 1825, used as a powder hulk from 1850, lent to the war department in 1863 and broken up by 1875.
*HMS|Mermaid|1853|6 was a coastguard vessel purchased in 1853 and sold in 1890.
*HMS|Mermaid|1898|6 was a "Mermaid" class destroyer launched in 1898 and sold in 1919.
*HMS|Mermaid|U30|6 was a modified "Black Swan" class sloop launched in 1943. She was transferred to the German Navy in 1959 and renamed "Scharnhorst", was hulked for damage control training between 1974 and 1989, and was towed to be broken up in 1990.
*HMS "Mermaid" was a Ton class minesweeper launched in 1954 as HMS|Sullington|M1184|6. She was renamed HMS "Mermaid" on her conversion to a survey vessel in 1965. She was sold in 1970.
* HMS "Mermaid" was a frigate, built as the Ghanaian "Black Star", but was purchased in 1972 and launched in 1973. She collided with and sank HMS "Fittleton" in 1976 and was sold to the Royal Malaysian Navy as KD "Hang Tuah" in 1977 as a training ship.

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*HMAS|Mermaid|A 02|6 is a "Paluma" class survey motor launch of the Royal Australian Navy, launched in 1989 and currently in service.

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