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The Green Tortoise is a self-described "adventure travel" company based in San Francisco, California that hosts tours in North America, mostly within the United States. It operates a bus line and two hostels (in Seattle and San Francisco).

The Green Tortoise buses are customized so that all of the passengers are able to sleep on bunk beds while the bus is moving. The social environment is more communal than other carriers, such as Greyhound or Amtrak. Most meals, for instance, are cooked as a communal effort. These meals are often vegetarian [ [ Official Green Tortoise website] ] , and feature fresh produce. Trips are operated to a number of destinations in the USA including Alaska, including one coast-to-coast route from San Francisco to Boston and back. Trips are also offered to many destinations in Mexico, especially the Yucatan peninsula. En route, there are usually opportunities for camping. The itinerary prioritizes stops at places of natural wonder and cultural interest over the fastest and most efficient alternatives. A frequent highlight is a stop at a hot springs. The trips are very popular with young backpackers from all over the world. Special trips are also arranged to popular festivals every year, including a Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans, the Oregon Country Fair and Burning Man, where they also operate a shuttle bus from the event into nearby Gerlach and Empire, NV.


San Francisco

The San Francisco hostel shares its space with the bus line headquarters.It is located at 494 Broadway in North Beach, close to Chinatown. Similar to its 'sister' hostel in Seattle, Washington (see below), it offers free dinners three nights a week, live music every Sunday, free internet and free daily breakfast, as well as guided pub crawls every Thursday and Friday. It operates 365 days a year, has over 40 rooms with over 200 beds, and is typically filled to capacity at all times.


The Seattle, Washington hostel is located centrally at 105 Pike Street, adjacent to Pike Place Market. The hostel has approximately 120 beds, some in dormitories and some in private rooms, and operates 365 days a year. Visitors must show proof of travel (such as a plane or train ticket stub) in order to be checked in. Individuals involved in the Alaskan fishing industry frequently stay before or after expeditions along with younger people and foreign travellers. As with the San Francisco hostel, free dinners are offered twice a week. The hostel is known for its Wednesday night entertainment showcase featuring amateur and professional acts from Seattle.

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