Smith (TV series)

Smith (TV series)

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show_name = Smith
format = Crime Drama
runtime = 60 minutes
starring = Ray Liotta
Virginia Madsen
Jonny Lee Miller
Simon Baker
Franky G
Amy Smart
Chris Bauer
Lisa Vidal
and Shohreh Aghdashloo
country = Flagicon|USA United States
network = CBS
imdb_id = 0805667
tv_com_id = 58081
first_aired = September 19, 2006
last_aired = October 3, 2006
num_seasons = 1
num_episodes = 7 (4 unaired)
website = |

"Smith" is a short-lived American television drama that premiered on September 19, 2006 at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS and September 18, 2006 on CTV in Canada. Created by John Wells, the show follows a group of professional thieves who struggle to keep their work separate from the rest of their lives.

The leader of the group, Bobby Stevens (played by Ray Liotta), seeks to end his criminal ways after a few more big scores. His plan is not quite successful, and his wife, Hope (Virginia Madsen), becomes suspicious. Each episode portrayed a heist or preparation for other jobs the thieves planned to undertake. Ongoing subplots examined each of the characters' double lives, a necessity in order to stay one step ahead of the authorities and shield their families.

Bobby's crew consists of:
* Tom (Jonny Lee Miller), head of logistics and Bobby's right hand man
* Joe (Franky G), who handles transportation needs
* Jeff (Simon Baker), who manages the group's firepower
* Annie (Amy Smart), a master of disguise and diversionary tactics who uses her looks to help the team
* Charlie (Shohreh Aghdashloo) acts as a boss, providing Bobby with information on a new job his crew should undertake and fencing the stolen goods.

In the pilot episode, Shawn (Mike Doyle), the team's electronics expert, is killed during the job. In the fourth episode, a former jailmate of Tom's named Marley (Elden Henson) is hired to replace him.

On the other side of the law was FBI Agent Dodd (Chris Bauer), in charge of a team responsible for tracking down "Smith" and his crew. Dodd's second in command is FBI Agent Valez (Lisa Vidal).

Smith was one of a growing number of television dramas that featured a cold opening (no opening credits). The show opened with drama, and at the end of the segment showed the words "SMITH" before going to the first commercial. The show's theme song was "Show Me How to Live" by Audioslave.

The show was also scheduled to be seen during the 2006 season in the UK on ITV4. [Wilkes, Neil. [ "ITV acquires three new US dramas"] , "Digital Spy", 20 June 2006.] Though critically acclaimed, it was cancelled on October 6 after only three airings, becoming the first of the new TV shows to get cancelled. [AP. [ "Back to the movies for Ray Liotta as 'Smith' is first fall show to get axed"] , 6 October 2006.] However, CBS has not yielded production. "Smith" was quickly replaced by the medical drama "3 lbs" which was itself cancelled after three episodes.

In the UK and Ireland, ITV4 began showing "Smith" again in March 2007. It premiered on Hallmark in August 2007.

All 7 episodes of "Smith", including the 4 episodes that never aired on CBS, were put on the network's Innertube broadband video section for a few weeks. Warner Bros. Television made all 7 episodes (with a synopsis for the plotted 8th through 12th episodes) available via digital download in November 2006 on Apple's iTunes Store, AOL, and Amazon.


eason 1: 2006

Episodes 4-7 were later made available online.


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* [ Synopses of episodes 8-12]

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