Kuzbass State Technical University

Kuzbass State Technical University

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Kuzbass State Technical University (KuzSTU) is one of higher schools which trains specialists for the economy of Kuzbass, Russia.


At first it was the Mining Institute founded on the basis of Kemerovo Mining Construction College (the order number 13718 of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of August 30 ,1950 and the order number 1572 of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of September 9, 1950). Then it was reorganized in the Kuzbass Polytechnical Institute (the order number 548 of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of July 14, 1965 and the order number 233 of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR. By the order number 364 of the State Committee for Higher Education of the Russian Federation of November 22, 1993 it was renamed in the Kuzbass State Technical University. The rectors of the Institute were Heroes of Socialist Labour, professors, leading engineers such as T. Gorbachev (1950-1954), P. Kokorin (1954-1967), V. Kozevin (1967-1977). From 1977 to 1993 the Institute was headed by an academician of the [http://www.ras.ru/ Russian Academy of Sciences] , Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Ph. D of science, professor M. Safokhin.

At present days the University is headed by Ph. D of science, an associate member of [http://www.ras.ru/ RAS] professor V. Nesterov.

Current academics

Now it is the largest higher educational institution in the region. The University has imposing personnel's potential. There are 684 instructors in it. 60 academicians and associate members, State prize and Russia's Government prize laureates, Honoured Scientists are among the professors of the university and there are 68 Ph. Ds. Some leading specialists ( including 24 Ph. Ds) of various branches of industry work at the University. At present there are 8 faculties and 52 departments, many well-equipped laboratories, a research institute, a computer centre, a large library and 2 museums in it. The training for 32 specialities is carried out. Some towns and cities of Kemerovo region have branches of the University (Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Belovo, Prokopyevsk, Novokuznetsk, Tashtagol, Mezhdurechensk). The total amount of students is 11095. Full-time students are 7067 and students by correspondence are 4028. People working for a doctor's degree are 9 and post-graduates are 279. There is a post-graduate course for 19 specialities. People working for a doctor's degree and post-graduates can present their thesis for the Scientific Board of the University. The total amount of graduates is about 52.000 engineers. There are Heroes of Socialist Labour, the heads of regional, municipal administrations, representatives of different Ministries and Departments, academicians and associate members of various Academies among them. They working in all regions of the Russian Federation. But they have made the most valuable contribution in the development of the main branches of industry in Kuzbass.


Kuzbass State Technical University has 8 buildings with total area of 102578m., 2,5 hostels (one is for family students), geodesic and ski bases, a group of dining-halls, a dispensary, a polyclinic, a rest base "Pisanye Skaly". The University has necessary technical devices for computer training of students. There are more than 700 PCs and 220 terminals of total use system. The University has access to the Internet.

The book stock of the University's library is more than 500.000 copies (including 250.000 copies of study aids and 270.000 ones of research literature). The University has international connections with higher educational institutions and firms of the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Mongolia. The best students have a chance to study abroad. Great attention is paid to the spare time of students. There is a theatre-studio "Lodge" and some other amateur groups. The University is famous for its sportsmen. For example V. Philippov and O. Trofimova are international grand chess-masters, D. Chatkin and S. Dvoretskyare masters of sports and some others. The University has the scientific newspaper "Vestnik". The instuctors can publish training appliances and the results of their research work in it.

In 1994 the Trustee Council was formed which consists of many enterprises and firms of the region.

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Official site

* [http://www.kuzstu.ru Kuzbass State Technical University] in Russian
* [http://www.kuzstu.ru/en Kuzbass State Technical University] in English

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