Naïve (album)

Naïve (album)
Studio album by KMFDM
Released November 15, 1990
Recorded 1989 - 1990
Genre Industrial rock
Length 49:58
Label Wax Trax! Records
Producer KMFDM
KMFDM chronology
Singles from Naïve
  1. "Virus"
    Released: 1989
  2. "Godlike"
    Released: 1990
  3. "Naïve/The Days of Swine & Roses"
    Released: 1991

Naïve is industrial rock group KMFDM's fifth album, released in 1990. It was recorded in Hamburg, Germany upon KMFDM's return from their first visit to America and subsequent tour with Ministry.[1] It was also the first record that they released after signing directly to Wax Trax! Records.

The album was out of print for over a decade due to copyright infringement: the seventh track, "Liebeslied", used unauthorized samples from a recording of "O Fortuna," from Carl Orff's 1930s cantata Carmina Burana. The album was recalled approximately three years after being released. Copies today are rare and considered collector's items, often fetching high prices at auction.

All of the tracks on the album, except for the original mixes of "Die Now-Live Later", "Liebeslied" and "Go to Hell" were subsequently available on other discs. The album was re-released as Naïve/Hell to Go, with some songs remixed, in 1994. A digitally remastered reissue of Naïve was released on November 21, 2006, along with Money and Angst. It was reissued with an edited version of the track "Liebeslied" without the offending sample. It also features the remixes that initially appeared on Naïve/Hell To Go.


Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars [2]

Naïve received excellent reviews. Stephen Thomas Erlewine calls Naïve "one of [KMFDM's] strongest releases."[3] Ned Raggett of began his review by saying "KMFDM brought it all together on the brilliant Naïve,"[4] doing "everything from four-to-the-floor beats to Wagnerian epic metal and back again."[4] He went on to call it "one of industrial/electronic body music's key albums"[4] and said that KMFDM was a band "so ridiculously good that everything they touch pretty much turns to gold."[4] He also said that while the title track was "fantastic,"[4] that the "total standout"[4] of the album was "Liebeslied":

Outrageously interpolating Carl Orff's noted vocal piece Carmina Burana into a bombastic explosion of mechanical rhythms, orchestral hits, and an increasing amount of hero guitar feedback slabs, not to mention the husked, desperate lead vocals, it's a jawdropping masterpiece that demands and gets total surrender.[4]

Track listing

Original release (1990)

No. Title Music Length
1. "Welcome"   Sascha Konietzko 0:18
2. "Naïve"   Konietzko, En Esch, Gunter Schulz, Rudolph Naomi 5:26
3. "Die Now-Live Later"   Konietzko, Esch, Schulz 5:01
4. "Piggybank"   Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Naomi 6:37
5. "Achtung!"   Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Naomi 4:24
6. "Friede" (Remix) Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Naomi 4:38
7. "Liebeslied"   Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Naomi 5:34
8. "Go to Hell"   Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Naomi 4:59
9. "Virus" (Dub) Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Naomi 6:28
10. "Disgust" (Live) (CD only) Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Naomi 2:58
11. "Godlike" (Chicago Trax version) (CD only) Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Naomi 3:33
Total length:

Metropolis reissue (2006)

No. Title Length
1. "Welcome"   0:17
2. "Naïve"   5:24
3. "Die Now-Live Later"   5:01
4. "Piggybank"   6:36
5. "Achtung!"   4:17
6. "Friede" (Remix) 4:37
7. "Liebeslied" (Edit) 4:58
8. "Go To Hell"   4:58
9. "Virus" (Dub) 6:25
10. "Disgust" (live) 2:53
11. "Godlike" (Chicago Trax Version) 3:19
12. "Go To Hell" (Fuck MTV Mix) 5:48
13. "Virus" (Pestilence Mix) 5:08
14. "Godlike" (Doglike Mix) 5:39
15. "Leibesleid" (Infringement Mix) 4:38
16. "Die Now-Live Later" (Born Again Mix) 4:42
Total length:


  • Sascha Konietzko – vocals, bass, synths, programming, guitars
  • En Esch – vocals, drums, guitars
  • Günter Schulz – guitars
  • Rudolph Naomi – drums
  • Christine Siewert – background vocals
  • Johann Bley – drums (5)
  • Paul Barker – bass (11)
  • William Tucker - guitar (11)
  • Bill Rieflin - Hi-hat (11)
  • Mark Durante - guitar (11-16)

Naïve/Hell To Go

Naïve/Hell to Go
Studio album by KMFDM
Released March 1, 1994
Recorded 1989 - 1990, 1993
Genre Industrial rock
Length 50:30
Label Wax Trax! Records/TVT Records
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [5]
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Naïve/Hell to Go is the re-released version of Naïve, which was recalled due to its use of copyright-infringing samples. Several songs from Naïve were remixed and were unique to this release until the 2006 re-issue of the original Naïve, which included the remixed versions as bonus tracks.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Welcome"   0:17
2. "Naïve"   5:23
3. "Go to Hell" (Fuck MTV Mix) 5:45
4. "Virus" (Pestilence Mix) 5:08
5. "Godlike" (Doglike Mix) 5:37
6. "Leibesleid" (Infringement Mix) 4:39
7. "Die Now-Live Later" (Born Again Mix) 5:09
8. "Piggybank"   6:36
9. "Achtung!"   4:21
10. "Friede" (Remix) 4:40
11. "Disgust" (Live in Seattle) 2:55

Translations of German Song Titles

  • "Friede" = "Peace"
  • "Achtung" = "Attention"
  • "Liebeslied" = "Love Song"
  • "Leibesleid" = "Body Sorrow"


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