The Spook's Secret

The Spook's Secret
The Spook's Secret  
Book cover for The Spook's Secret
Author(s) Joseph Delaney
Country Great Britain
Language English

The Wardstone Chronicles - UK

The Last Apprentice - America
Genre(s) Children's Fiction
Publisher The Bodley Head, an imprint of Random House Children's Books
Publication date 6 July 2006
Pages 464
ISBN 0-370-32828-0
OCLC Number 60768093
Preceded by The Spook's Curse
Followed by The Spook's Battle

The Spook's Secret is the third book in the Wardstone Chronicles series. In America, it was released as Night of the Soul-Stealer in the Last Apprentice series.

The Spook takes his apprentice, Tom, and Alice (a familiar witch that he wants to keep an eye on) to his winter house in Anglezarke where Meg Skelton, the Domestic Lamia Witch, and her Feral Lamia sister, are kept in under lock and key.


Plot summary

In this third and terrifying instalment in the Wardstone Chronicles, the nights are drawing in and it is time for Tom and his master to move to Anglezarke, the Spook's winter house. Tom has heard it will be a sinister and menacing place, but nothing could fully prepare him for what he finds there. For this house, and indeed the whole of Anglezarke moor is full of secrets about the Spook's youth.

When they reach Anglezarke Tom and the Spook leave Alice with the Hursts, who owe the Spook a favour. They then head to the Spook's winter house. There Tom meets Meg, and finds out that the Spook has been keeping her drugged so she wouldn't harm the other inhabitants.

Trouble arises at the Hursts and Tom and the Spook have to face a rock throwing spirit. They win, but barely, and the Spook is severely injured. With Alice's help, he pulls through, against all odds, but is still weak. Alice then moves back with Tom to help and undertakes the task of giving Meg her potion. She takes a liking to Meg so she decreases the dosage and to help her and Meg becomes more lively.


The main characters include:

  • Tom (Spook's apprentice)
  • The Spook
  • Alice (Thomas' friend and familiar witch)
  • Meg Skelton (Domestic Lamia Witch)
  • Morgan (Necromancer/mage, one of the Spook's failed apprentices)
  • Jack (Thomas's brother)
  • Ellie (Jack's wife)
  • Mam (Mother of Jack and Thomas, suspected lamia witch.)
  • Dad (Father of Jack and Thomas)
  • Mr and Mrs Hurst (Step parents of Morgan)
  • Andrew (Spook's brother, locksmith)
  • Shanks (Delivery man for the Spook)
  • Golgoth (ancient evil god capable of snuffing your soul out)
  • Marcia(Meg's sister, formerly domesticated feral lamia witch)
  • Mary (Jack's and Ellie's daughter)


The book received positive reviews, but not as good as her predecessor's, scoring only 4.09/5 on Goodreads.[1]


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