Vienna lager

Vienna lager

Infobox beer style
name = Vienna lager
bgcolour =

imagesize =
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origin = Austria
yeast = Bottom-fermenting
alcohol = 4.5% - 5.7%
color = 10 - 16
bitterness = 18 - 30
originalgravity = 1.046 - 1.052
finalgravity = 1.010 - 1.014
maltpercentage =
examples =
* Great Lakes Eliot Ness
* Gösser Dark
* Noche Buena
* Victoria
* Negra Modelo
* Samuel Adams Vienna Style Lager
* Old Dominion Aviator Amber Lager
* Gordon Biersch Vienna Lager
* Capital Wisconsin Lager
* Dos Equis Amber
* Brooklyn Lager
* Clipper City Balto MärzHon
* Steg 150 by the Lion Brewery, Inc.
* Lakefront brewery Riverwest Stein

Vienna lager is a style of lager beer. It was developed by brewer Anton Dreher in Vienna in 1841. Its popularity in Europe eventually faded, but Austrian brewers who emigrated to Mexico revived the style in the late 19th century.

The "Association of Brewers" defines the beer class Vienna lager as a reddish brown or copper colored beer with medium body and slight malt sweetness. The malt aroma and flavor may have a toasted character. Hop bitterness should be clean and crisp. Noble-type hop aroma and flavor should be low or mild. As with most lagers, fruitiness due to esters is a defect. Diacetyl, which can impart a butterscotch aroma and flavor, should not be perceptible.


* Gregory J. Noonan, Mikel Redman and Scott Russell; Seven Barrel Brewery Brewers' Handbook; G.W. Kent, Inc; ISBN 1-887167-00-5 (paperback, 1996)

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