American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame

American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame

The Advertising Hall of Fame is a list of notable advertising leaders in America as chosen by the American Advertising Federation.

It was founded in 1948 as a result of a proposal by the New York Ad Club and its president, Andrew Haire, to the Advertising Federation of America, the predecessor organization to the American Advertising Federation.

It honors advertising leaders - from their significant contributions to the advertising industry to their personal commitment to society.



*James Randolph Adams
*Hall "Cap" Adams Jr.
*Thomas B. Adams
*Carl J. Ally
*Edwin L. Artzt
*F. Wayland Ayer
*Merlin Hall Aylesworth
*Rollin C. Ayres


*William M. Backer
*Bruce Barton
*Ted Bates
*Don Belding
*David A. Bell
*Howard H. Bell
*William Bernbach
*Sidney R. Bernstein
*Allen Loren Billingsley
*Sam R. Bloom
*Neil H. Borden
*John S. Bowen
*Reginald K. Brack
*Lee Hastings Bristol
*Thomas D’Arcy Brophy
*Charles H. Brower
*Homer J. Buckley
*James E. Burke
*Leo Burnett
*Thomas J. Burrell
*Ralph Starr Butler


*Earnest Elmo Calkins
*John Caples
*Ralph Carson
*Jay Chiat
*Richard C. Christian
*Stanley Clague
*Charles T. Coiner
*Fairfax M. Cone
*Gertrude Crain
*G.D. Crain Jr.
*John H. Crichton
*Barton A. Cummings
*John P. Cunningham
*Cyrus H. K. Curtis


*William Cheever D’Arcy
*Donald Walter Davis
*Roquel Billy Davis
*Tom Dillon
*Samuel Chandler Dobbs
*Philip H. Dougherty
*Bernard C. Duffy
*Phil Dusenberry


*Clarence Eldridge
*Karl Eller
*John "Jock" Elliott Jr.
*Victor Elting Jr.
*Roger A. Enrico
*Alfred W. Erickson
*Henry Theodore Ewald


*Robert M. Feemster
*James S. Fish
*Bernice Fitz-Gibbon
*Bernard T. Flanagan
*Paul Foley
*Jo Foxworth
*Benjamin Franklin
*Kerwin Holmes Fulton


*Samuel Chester Gale
*George Gallup, Ph.D.
*Philip H. Geier Jr.
*Peter A. Georgescu
*Robert V. Goldstein
*O. Milton Gossett
*Katharine Graham
*Russell T. Gray


*Joyce C. Hall
*Orlando Clinton Harn
*Marion Harper Jr.
*Ira C. "Ike" Herbert
*Morris L. Hite
*Atherton W. Hobler
*Gilbert Tennant Hodges
*Claude Clarence Hopkins
*George Burton Hotchkiss
*Herbert Sherman Houston


*Harry M. Jacobs
*William H. Johns
*Robert L. Johnson
*John H. Johnson
*Lewis Bunnell Jones


*John E. Kennedy
*Donald R. Keough
*Edgar Kobak
*Ray A. Kroc
*Alex Kroll
*Eugene H. Kummel


*William LaMothe
*Lawrence W. Lane
*Roy Larsen
*Albert D. Lasker
*E. St. Elmo Lewis
*Barney Link
*Henry R. Luce


*Theodore Francis MacManus
*Donald A. Macdonald
*Burt Manning
*Stanley Marcus
*William Marsteller
*Patricia Martin
*Mac Martin
*Leonard S. Matthews
*Harrison King McCann
*Neil Hosler McElroy
*James H. McGraw
*Charles W. Mears
*Samuel W. Meek
*Edwin T. Meredith
*Frank L. Mingo
*Raymond O. Mithun
*Howard J. Morgens
*Arthur Harrison Motley
*Thomas S. Murphy


*Jesse H. Neal
*Al Neuharth
*Edward N. Ney
*Carl W. Nichols Jr.
*Arthur C. Nielsen Sr.


*James O’Shaughnessy
*John E. O’Toole
*David Ogilvy
*Alex F. Osborn


*William S. Paley
*Charles Coolidge Parlin
*Graham Creighton Patterson
*J. Earle Pearson
*Charles D. Peebler Jr.
*John E. Pepper
*Raymond J. Petersen
*Shirley Polykoff
*John E. Powers
*Frank Presbrey
*Harley T. Procter
*Erma Perham Proetz


*Rosser Reeves
*Keith Reinhard
*Theodore S. Repplier
*Helen Lansdowne Resor
*Stanley Resor
*Jean Wade Rindlaub
*Hal Riney
*Michael J. Roarty
*John Irving Romer
*George Presbury Rowell
*Raymond Rubicam

*Charles H. Sandage
*David Sarnoff
*Paul D. Schrage
*Walter Dill Scott, Ph.D.
*Alfred J. Seaman
*Merle Sidener
*John Smale
*Frank Stanton
*Vance L. Stickell
*Walter Ansel Strong
*Arthur Ochs Sulzberger


*Liener Temerlin
*Dave Thomas
*J. Walter Thompson
*Philip Livingston Thomson
*Ted Turner


*John Wanamaker
*Artemas Ward
*Mary Wells Lawrence
*Bob Wehling
*Paul Brown West
*Owen Burtch Winters
*Janet L. Wolff
*Robert W. Woodruff
*Lester Wunderman


*James Webb Young

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