Swing Vote (1999 film)

Swing Vote (1999 film)

Swing Vote is a 1999 film, directed by David Anspaugh in which the Supreme Court of the United States has overturned the Roe v. Wade decision and thrown the issue of abortion rights back to the individual states.

Alabama has subsequently outlawed abortion on demand and has prosecuted Viginia Mapes (Lisa Gay Hamilton) for first degree murder after she opted to terminate her pregnancy before the bill was signed into law. Mapes and her attorney have taken the case to the Supreme Court in hopes of keeping her out of prison, and with the court evenly divided on the issue, newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Joseph Kirkland (Andy Garcia) looks to be the man who will cast the deciding vote in a case that could reinstate the legality of abortion.

Kirkland, however, finds himself surrounded by proponents of both the pro-choice and pro-life agendas, with his fellow justices, his secretary and even his wife, Linda Kirkman trying to influence his vote. This film was produced for ABC Television.


* Andy Garcia ... Joseph Michael Kirkland
* Harry Belafonte ... Justice Will Dunn
* Robert Prosky ... Chief Justice of the United States
* Ray Walston ... Justice Clore Cawley
* James Whitmore ... Jusice Daniel Morissey
* Kate Nelligan ... Justice Sara Marie Brandwynne
* Milo O'Shea ... retired Justice Harlan Greene
* Albert Hall ... Justice Hank Banks
* Bob Balaban ... Justice Eli MacCorckle
* John Aylward ... Justice Benjamin "Rip" Ripley
* Lisa Gay Hamilton ... Virginia Mapes
* Margaret Colin ... Linda Kirkland
* Tracey Ellis ... Marley Terrell

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