A watchdog is a dog who provides protection by watching for or guarding against intruders. ;In computing
* Watchdog timer, a device in computer systems
* Event Log Watchdog, a freeware software program
* Watchdog Event Log, created by Windows operating systems using the .WDL extension
* Non-Maskable Interrupt Watchdog, mechanism used to detect systems lockups;Consumer protection
* An informal name given to consumer protection organizations or campaigners. See: List of consumer organizations
* "Watchdog" (TV series)
* Watchdog journalism, any media (including blogs) providing consumer watchdog activities
* Transit watchdog;Other
* Nuclear watchdog, synonymous with the International Atomic Energy Agency
* Government agencies that police other agencies, such as the Government Accountability Office investigations of the Department of Defense
* Citizens' groups that monitor and report on government, corporate, and other abuses, such as Human Rights WatchIn media:
* Watchdog (comics) is the super-powered Welsh Corgi belonging to Robert Reynolds, the Sentry in the Marvel Comics 616 universe.

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