Longbow T-76

Longbow T-76

The Longbow T-76 is a sniper rifle introduced in 1997 by Dakota Arms. The T-76 tactical rifle is Based on their Model 76 hunting rifle. On its website Dakota Arms guarantees 1/2 MOA performance with an effective range of 1500 meters for the Longbow T-76 in its .338 configuration. The T-76 tactical rifle generates up to 5,250 foot pounds (7.12 kJ) of muzzle energy and 2,850 feet per second (870 m/s) velocity from a 300 grain (19.4 g) round.


*Length: 50" to 51½" (1270–1321 mm)
*Weight: 13.7 pounds (6.2 kg) without scopeCalibers
*.338 Lapua Magnum
*.300 Dakota Magnum
*.330 Dakota MagnumAction
*Machined high strength steel alloy square bottom action
*Blind magazine
*Dakota Arms 76-style 3-position firing pin block safety
*Controlled round feeding
*Single round feeding
*Dakota Arms 76-style bolt release
*Matte Finish
*Claw extraction system
*Positive Mechanical Ejector
*Model 70 style trigger (will not seize from dirt or freeze in rain)
*2.5 lbf (11 N) trigger pull
*Picatinny one-piece optical rail, secured with 8-40 screwsStock
*Ergonomic, ambidextrous A-2 McMillan Fiberglass stock, black or olive drab green
*Full length action bedding
*1½" adjustable length of pull, from 12⅞" to 14⅜"
*Adjustable cheekpiece
*3 sling swivel studs
*Bipod spike in forendBarrel
*High integrity LW-50 stainless steel (proprietary to Lothar Walthar)
*28" .950 at muzzle (711 mm)
*High efficiency tuned muzzlebrakeDeployment Kit
*One Case: double wall, lockable, airline approved, 53½" x 14¼" x 4⅝"
*One front bipod spike
*Operators tool kit:
**One torque wrench 65 in·lbf
**One 3/16" allen head socket (for installing action screws)
**One 1/2" hex socket (for installing scope rings)
**One 1/2" combination wrench (for removing scope)
**One 3/32" allen wrench for scope rings
**One 5/32" allen wrench for front guard screws
**One 3/16" allen wrench for action screws
**1 tool kit box

MSRP: $4795.00 base price


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External links

* [http://www.snipercentral.com/longbow.htm Sniper Central] — Information on the Dakota Arms Longbow T-76 from Sniper Central.

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