Treaty of Paris

Treaty of Paris

Many treaties have been negotiated and signed in Paris, France, including:
*Treaty of Paris (1229), ended the Albigensian Crusade
*Treaty of Paris (1259), between Henry III of England and Louis IX of France
*Treaty of Paris (1303), between King Philip IV of France and King Edward I of England
*Treaty of Paris (1323), Count Louis of Flanders relinquished Flemish claims over Zeeland
*Treaty of Paris (1355), a land exchange between France and Savoy
*Treaty of Paris (1623), between France, Savoy, and Venice against Spanish forces in Valtelline
*Treaty of Paris (1657), established military alliance between France and England against Spain
*Treaty of Paris (1763), ended the Seven Years' War/French and Indian War
*Treaty of Paris (1783), ended the American Revolutionary War:*This was part of the Peace of Paris (1783) in which Great Britain also signed treaties with its other opponents France, Spain and the Dutch Republic.
*Treaty of Paris (1784) ended the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War
*Treaty of Paris (1796), ended the war between France and the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia
*Treaty of Paris (1810), ended the war between France and Sweden
*Treaty of Paris (1814), ended the war between France and the Sixth Coalition
*Treaty of Paris (1815), followed the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo
*Treaty of Paris (1856), ended the Crimean War
*Treaty of Paris (1857), ended the Anglo-Persian War
*Treaty of Paris (1898), ended the Spanish-American War
*Treaty of Paris (1900), ended all conflicting claims between France and Spain over Río Muni
*Paris Peace Conference, 1919, treaties with the defeated powers of the First World War
*Treaty of Paris (1920), united Bessarabia and Romania
*Paris Peace Treaties, 1947, formally established peace between the World War II Allies and Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Finland
*Treaty of Paris (1951), established the European Coal and Steel Community; though now expired, it was one of the foundational treaties of the European Union
*Paris Peace Accords (1973), ended American involvement in the Vietnam War

ee also

* Treaty of Versailles (disambiguation), treaties signed at the Palace of Versailles, in Versailles, a suburb of Paris
*Treaty of Paris (band), pop-punk, rock band from Chicago

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