GRID-Arendal is an office in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), located in Arendal, Norway. The office is part of the UNEP-GRID network of environmental data and information centers, under the UNEP Division of early warning and assessment.

GRID centers

The Global Resource Information Database (GRID) was established in 1985 in the framework of Earthwatch to provide timely and usable environmental data to the world community of researchers and policy makers. [ [http://www-cger.nies.go.jp/grid-e/grid2-e.html What is UNEP/GRID?] ] GRID also supports the developing countries through training programs and transfer of the technologies pertinent to the geographic information system and remote sensing.

* [http://www.grida.no/ Arendal, Norway]
* [http://www.eapap.unep.org/ Bangkok, Thailand - UNEP Environment Assessment Programme for Asia and the Pacific (EAPAP)]
* [http://www.gridbp.ktm.hu/indexa.htm Budapest, Hungary - Department for Environmental Information Systems]
* [http://www.gridc.canterbury.ac.nz/ Christchurch, New Zealand - University of Canterbury]
* [http://www.grid.unep.ch/ Geneva, Switzerland - Geneva Executive Centre (GEC)]
* [http://www.unep.org/unep/eia/ein/grid/icimod/ ICIMOD at UNEP]
* [http://www.icimod.org/ Kathmandu, Nepal - International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)]
* [http://gridmsk.infospace.ru/ Moscow, Russia]
* [http://gridnairobi.unep.org/ Nairobi, Kenya]
* [http://www.unep.org/unep/eia/ein/grid/ottawa/ Ottawa, Canada - Canada Centre for Remote Sensing]
* [http://www.dpi.inpe.br/grid/home San Jose dos Campos, Brazil - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espacias (INPE)]
* [http://na.unep.net/ Sioux Falls, USA - EROS Data Center]
* [http://www.gridtb.org/ Tbilisi, Georgia]
* [http://www.gridw.pl/ Warsaw, Poland - Environmental Information Centre]


The GRID-Arendal web site provides access to an extensive collection of useful maps, including topographic maps of many countries by region. [ [http://maps.grida.no/region GRID-Arendal collection of free maps.] ] GRID-Arendal encourages users to include links to country maps in their documents, although re-printing of high-resolution maps requires agreement (a link to the agreement form is given on the web site).


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* United Nations Environment Programme
* Arendal

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* [http://www.grida.no Main web-site]
* [http://maps.grida.no Maps and graphics on environment and sustainable development]

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