All Hail

All Hail

Infobox Album
Name = All Hail
Type = Album
Artist = Kïll Cheerleadër

Released = 2004 (Reissued in 2006)
Recorded = July 2004 and January 2003
Genre = Punk, Heavy metal, Hardrock
Length = 38:03
Label = Spinerazor/Corporate Punishment
Producer = Kill Cheerleader, Jordon Zadoronzy
Last album = "Gutter Days" (2004)
This album = "All Hail" (2006)
Next album =

"All Hail" is Kïll Cheerleadër's first full-length album, released in 2004, by Spinerazor/Corporate Punishment Records and later reissued in 2006. 6 out of the 12 songs on this album were featured on their previous releases as well.

Track listing

#"Sell Your Soul" (E.Deth, T.War) – 3:11 (Appeared on Gutter Days as "RNR")
#"So Young" (E.Deth, T.War, C.MacKinnon) – 3:43 (Appeared on the Go demo as "Go")
#"Deathboy" (E.Deth, T.War) – 2:39
#"Lady Of The Night" (E.Deth, T.War) – 3:39 (Appeared on Gutter Days as "Straight To Hell")
#"No Feelings" (E.Deth, T.War, C.MacKinnon) – 3:30
#"Go Away" (E.Deth, T.War) – 3:38
#"Find Your Own Way Home" (E.Deth, T.War, C.MacKinnon) – 3:08
#"Want Action" (E.Deth, T.War) – 3:14 (Appeared on the Go demo and Gutter Days)
#"Don't Call Me Baby, Baby" (E.Deth, T.War, C.MacKinnon) – 3:55 (Appeared on Gutter Days)
#"Bad Habit" (E.Deth, T.War) – 3:15 (Appeared on the Go demo)
#"No Lullabies" (E.Deth, T.War) – 3:42
#"Hurt The People You Love" (E.Deth, T.War) – 0:49


* Ethan Deth - Vocals, Bass
* Anthony Useless (T. War) - Vocals, Guitar
* Chad MacKinnon - Lead Guitar
* Kriss Rites - Drums

* All songs arranged by Kïll Cheerleadër
* Recorded and Produced by Jordon Zadoronsky and Kïll Cheerleadër
* Mixed by Terry Sawchuck, Kill Cheerleader, Jordon Zadoronsky (track 11) and No One (track 12)
* Mix Touch-Ups - Ted Onyszczak
* Mastered by Andy Krehm
* Exec. Produced by Spencer Cage
* Drums on track 3 by Jimmy Nova
* Cover Art by Ethan Deth and Penny Parker


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