The Objectivist

The Objectivist

The Objectivist was a monthly Objectivist magazine published from January 1966 to September 1971, as the successor to "The Objectivist Newsletter". Properly, it was mainly a change in format from the 4-page Newsletter to the now 16-page "Objectivist". In another change in format, it would be succeeded by "The Ayn Rand Letter".

It was originally co-published by Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden (until late August 1968) and then by Rand alone. Leonard Peikoff was associate editor with Rand from mid-1968 on.

Regular columns consisted of Objectivist Calendar, Check Your Premises, Horror File, and Intellectual Ammunition Department. Some articles ran over multiple issues.

"The Objectivist" also reprinted articles from the magazine as pamphlets. After the Nathaniel Branden Institute and NBI Book Service, Inc. was shut down, the Objectivist Book Service was later setup in March 1969 to sell Objectivist books, books recommended in the Objectivist, article reprint pamphlets and back issues. The Objectivist Book Service continued to exist when "The Ayn Rand Letter" was published and continued until shortly after that magazine was discontinued.

A hardback collection of "The Objectivist" was published by Palo Alto Book Service and is still available from the Ayn Rand Institute.

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